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Unused Gigs should roll over to next month.

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Since Rogers has tight bandwidth/download limits, and the customer pays for the extra gigs they use if they go over. How come if you don't use all of your alloted gigs, they are not rolled over to the next month?


for instance you use 56 of your 60 gigs the first month... that is 4 gigs you paid for but didn't use so next month your allotment should be 64 gigs.



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Re: Unused Gigs should roll over to next month.

I'm a Senior Advisor
Well the main reason is even it it seems like you are paying for all 60GB you are not. you are paying to use up to 60GB, but I bet if you used your 60GB every month Rogers would probably drop you as a customer. If everyone used their entire 60GB allotment prices would go through the roof and service would be very bad.

Their network can't actual handle everyone using the 60GB and they expect most people will use less than 10GB a month.. They can charge lower rates and offer higher download limits because they know most people won't even come close to using the full amount..

Do I agree with this practice.. NO.. But what can you do?

Re: Unused Gigs should roll over to next month.

thanks but I don't really believe that.... Other companies offer far higher bandwidth allotment. Also in the USA and other parts of Canada the limit is MUCH higher. I think Rogers may enjoy people going over their limit to so they can charge them extra $$$$. They are a business after all. I was thinking about upgrading to Extreme internet but now that they lowered the limit from 90 to 80 (b/c of NetFlixx???) ...bah I feel like I would be getting cheated.



Re: Unused Gigs should roll over to next month.

Think about it, assuming that you are on Express (the level below Extreme), then upgrading would mean a difference of $13.

If, however, you stay on Express, but use the 80 GB that you would have had on Extreme then that would be a difference of 20GB at $2/GB, making it $40 more.


That's a big difference. Rogers doesn't want you to upgrade to Extreme, it's better for them.

You get slower speeds (2/3rds the download, 1/2 the upload) which is less of a burden on their system, AND you pay them $40 more for it.

No wonder their "Change Package" link doesn't work in MyRogers.


Of course, if you don't go near 60GB/month and don't care about speeds,  then you're fine.

Re: Unused Gigs should roll over to next month.

Still too expensive... other companies who offer cable internet for the same or less price offer 250 gigs of bandwidth. .. yet rogers keeps trimming down on their bandwidth.  *sigh* it's good service...just not competitive prices in 2010.

Re: Unused Gigs should roll over to next month.

I would state their name, but our of respect for Rogers forum I won't.


.... but their MAIN competitor offers 75 gigs a month around $52.

(even that isn't great compared to American ISPs) ...but Rogers trimming bandwidth is the opposite direction of their competitors

Re: Unused Gigs should roll over to next month.

I had a HUGE bandwith limit drop...

My student plan (Lite + SpeedBoost + More GB) from last year ended a few months ago and dropped me from 95GB/month to 25GB/month.

A few days later (like one or two) Rogers dropped the bandwith cap for Lite to 15GB/month.


Luckily I got it upgraded to Express...but 60GB/month is still not enough for a house of 4 students.

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