Unsolicited Premium Text Msg - Rogers NOT helping!

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Unsolicited Premium Text Msg - Rogers NOT helping!

My partner recently got inundated with spam text messages and was charged $5 per received text.  She never solicited them nor entered her number on any website.   Yet Rogers still feels she should pay for it.  It's a disgrace and dishonest way to do business.  Rogers was "nice enough" to give her a one-time credit for the accrued amount, but offered no help in preventing further premium texts from being received.


This is a deliberate scam on Rogers' part, because they're profiting off of illegal premium text sent to unsuspecting clients.


I have worked as a Technical Project Mgr in the Telco/Wireless industry in Europe and know for a fact that it is possible to filter/block just about anything, but especially data communication that has a $$ charge attached to it.

See Vodafone UK example: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1033403/voda-creates-premium-text-blocker


Rogers' customer service department deliberately stonewalls callers and asks them to call a billing number they happen to have for the spam originator.   Why should a customer have to deal with a 3rd party they've never contacted before to try and get their money back ?


This would be akin to credit card companies charging their clients for fraudulent charges incurred by anyone.


I have lived in 6 countries and travelled in many more, used over 20 different wireless operators in my life and I say this with no venom, but merely professional opinion, Rogers is the most expensive, least customer oriented service I know.  The US's AT&T is a close 2nd.   


So, while I'm hoping someone from Rogers would reply here, I suspect it's political and standard internal policy.  Canadians are some of the most friendly and polite people I've met, but I suspect it's the reason why no one has seriously put up a class-action against the collusion and price-gauging that occurs in Canada... and not just in the Telco industry.

'nuff said.


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Retired Moderator RogersJean
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Re: Unsolicited Premium Text Msg - Rogers NOT helping!

Hi ttales and welcome to the forums,


Rogers does not have a premium text blocker. You can block a specific number by texting it to "SPAM" (in the body of the message enter only the number you wish to block).


In regards to your billing issue, I suggest escalating this via customer care at 1866-931-3282. If you feel these are fraudulent charges we can definitely look into this for you.


If you never subscribed to these premium messages I suggest also contacting the company in question to get as much information as possible.


I hope you get to the bottom of this,

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Unsolicited Premium Text Msg - Rogers NOT helping!

Hi Jean,


Thank you for responding.  We've already tried the "escalation" route.   Same answer.  


Of course it is fraudulent if you receive a text message that Rogers bills you $5 each time and that was never requested.

What else would you call that ?


Thanks for confirming that Rogers does not allow blocking of premium text.  The important question is, why not ?

Many other carriers do allow that!


Blocking spam is rarely possible because I've yet to see a 10-digit "real" number that you can block. Typically, the spammers modify the id and all you get is a 5 or 6 digit useless number that you cannot block.   Why does Rogers not simply disallow text messages sent from "anonymous" sources ?


Regarding your suggestion to contact the spammer. Why should I ?  They know that I know that they are spammers. You *really* think that a company that sends out Trivia txt msgs would care to return money for a service that we never ordered in the first place ?    The burden of proof should lie with YOU, Rogers!  You're the one billing me and if you cannot furnish a receipt from said spammer that proves I subscribed to that service, then YOU should block them and refund my money.


Is that an unreasonable expectation ?


I've previously received spam that didn't cost anything, so I just delete & ignore.  But being charged big $$ for unrequested text is a new one and I'm sure I won't be the only person to complain about this.


To be fair, you did refund the $25 on this occasion.  Calling it a "one-time credit".  What about the next time ?  It's the principle of how you charge your customers for services that is askew here.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Unsolicited Premium Text Msg - Rogers NOT helping!

There is in fact a block that can prevent you from getting a third party text message.


Call customer service and inquire about it.


I have it on my account.


Also, I'd suggest deleting these texts and not even opening them.  That's one way around not being charged for them.


Hopefully this helps!

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