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Unsatisfied Customer


On Jan 21st, 2014 I contacted Rogers customer service to discuss adding to my download limit (currently 100gigs per month). I had seen a few promotions (unlimited downloads for an extra 10$ per month for bundles that qualify*/ an extra 100 gigs for other new bundles etc.. The original clerk did not know how to calculate my bill based on upping my usage. I then spoke to someone in retention (who was very polite and helpful) but I could not believe that I could not take advantage of the unlimited downloads because the bundle had to have the home phone..(all while having 4 Wireless devices with Rogers which cost WAY more than a home phone).


I was quoted a best offer of something like 30$ extra per month for 50gigs, which in my opinion is unacceptable.


I currently pay over $350 per month (Internet, tv and wireless) and have been a more than loyal customer to Rogers for years. It is very unfortunate that I pay so much for a service that I have to monitor so closely to not get overage fees.

Needless to say I am looking at other companies such as Teksavvy who easily offer 300 gigs for a bit cheaper than Rogers. Once I sign up with them I will be cancelling my internet AND cable services (I am going to move to a more online approach to watching tv).


All of this because Rogers will not give me the same promotion as they are giving a new customer who pays less than 1/2 of what I have been paying for years (Unlimited downloads at 10$ more per month).

Thanks for listening; I’m sure others will too.

Alain T

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Re: Unsatisfied Customer

Unfortunately, this is a user to user help forum...so the stuff on here generally doesnt make its way to rogers themselves 😞


Correct, for the $10 unlimited bundle.. you need internet, tv and homephone... WHY they dont allow if you have net, tv and cellular is beyond me.. that should be an option as a 3rd thing.


Though... ANY user is able to add unlimited for $30 regardless of package.

(though i do agree.. should just be $10 across the board, no differentiation)


New customers pricing, is only temporary.. the bundle price is only for a period of time.. then they pay the exact same as any other person.