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Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Around



We'll be travelling to the Philippines for a few weeks shortly and I was wondering whether it is possible to get my iPhone 4 unlocked so that I can use it there with a local carrier?




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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @eli2585

Is the device locked to Rogers? Have you verified that as Rogers is a Canadian carrier and not located on the states unless someone sold you a Rogers locked device which was used.

Unfortunately there is no way of Rogers unlocking your device unless you have a Rogers account and have the IMEI number on the account for more then 90 days.

I would suggest looking around on third party stores and or online and see.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread



Thought I'd ask the community for help since I can't find anything recent.

I have an old 4s that I want to unlock, no longer on contract, hasn't been for well over the 90 days...

I called the service center and they couldn't do it because reasons (it made sense at the time... I had my phone replaced through Future Shop so it wasn't on file with Rogers). The lady on the phone suggested using a third party service. No problem. Except apparently I suck at Google. Everything I've found online is either a scam, ridiculously over priced, or they won't touch Rogers phones. Anyone here had luck using a third party unlocking service? Would you be so kind as to offer some names/links?


Thanks in advance,

Locked Up

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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Hello @tredblane

Unfortunately we cant post third party unlocking sites on here as this is a Rogers forum. As for the unlocking, when Future Shop did the switch, didn't they add the IMEI number on ur account? Hmm. I would say add the IMEI in the account and see if they can unlock it seeing as u have proof of sale and exchange done.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Here Awhile
I have a receipt from Future Shop but no formal printout of any sort of phone swap/upgrade. I'm hoping to take it in to the Rogers store and see if they'll honor that and add the IMEI (no, Future Shop did not add that at the time). Hoping all goes well, also hoping they'll waive the "90 day" thing (if that's still a thing).

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

Just wanted to let you all know how things got resolved. 


I took my receipt to the Rogers store and they said to call customer service (again). So I did. Got a different operator. I told them my story and that I had the proof of purchase. He put me on hold while he looked into it. Came back a couple minutes later and said "So it's all done. Your phone is unlocked." Because it was an older model (4s) there was no contest. He said that they don't even make them anymore, so they just put it through for me without needing me to send in my receipt. Very pleased with that after the seeming "rabbit chase" I was on. Still had to pay the $50, but at least it wasn't $100-$135 that third parties in town were quoting me. 


Thanks Rogers.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

pls Rogers support help


pls help me for unlock my iphone 4S Rogers is payed and i have long time for waiting 


Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I Plan to Stick Around

There is a $50 fee for unlocking a phone - ALL carriers charge that. Call customer service.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello @zakkzakk

Call customer service and ask them to give you the unlocking. It would cost $50 to unlock your device by Rogers or any carrier. Be advised of that.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Here Awhile

need help unlocking iphone ( without no sim card )


hello guys i got a iphone 4s and i dont have any sim card do any of you know how i can get into my iphone without no sim card...

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Good evening @ricoco22,


Thank you for your post!


What carrier is your iPhone locked to?


Do you have an active Rogers account?


Normally, the original carrier should take care of the device unlocking.

If it is a Rogers device, scroll through this thread for more information on how to have your device unlocked. Smiley Wink 



Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I bought an iPhone 5s with rogers in 2014 and unlocked it through rogers tech support in Feb 2016 and it worked fine for another carrier for a while.

I just did a reset to the iPhone today and suddenly it will only activate with a rogers sim card. I doubled checked the billling history and turns out I was charged for unlocking a $50 fee in Feb 2016.


Could someone help explain to me what is happening?

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Hello @ssssasdffffff,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums & Thanks for your post!


Some customers with iOS device, report that their iPhone has re-locked following a system update.

In this case, it requires a subsequent unlock.

Don't worry, the unlock charge is not applied the second time.


Simply get in touch with us by PM or speak with a member of our technical support team with your device IMEI in hand. Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.



Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm Here A Lot

I purchased a Rogers locked iPhone 6s online, and tried to get it unlocked.

Rogers customer service told me that I had to have the phone on my Rogers account for 90 days before I can unlock it, which goes against what is written on this forum and other places online.

The phone is not even from under contract. It was given from a work place, and this was almost half a year ago.


The excuses that the customer service agents are giving me literally make no sense, and everyone here already knows that the whole locking/unlocking thing has a lot of made up rules around it. They even checked the IMEI and admitted that it was not blacklisted and there was nothing technically limiting their ability to unlock the phone. Just a bogus rule.


All I want, is to unlock this iPhone 6s, which was not even purchased on a contract.

If one of the Rogers Mods can provide some help, it would be much appreciated. 

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Good evening @Sndnsn,


Welcome to the Forums!


Did your employer provide you with a receipt for the purchase of the device they gave you?


We will require a proof or purchase, in order to unlock a device that has not been on your account for 90 days.


Also; Did you give the IMEI number of your phone to the representative your were speaking with? 

The 90 days starts from the day we add it on file.


If you need further assistance, feel free to send us a private message at @CommunityHelps

Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.


Hope this helps!


Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

It's highly doubtful that a receipt exists, since it was from a previous work place and it was a work phone they gave for the position.

I did also give the IMEI number over the phone, but can't be 100% sure if they put it on the account or not.

Honestly, waiting 90 days for this seems pretty ridiculous. I can understand Rogers being worried about theft and all that, but couple weeks vs 90 days won't change that. If this phone isn't blacklisted now, and isn't blacklisted in couple weeks, it's extremely unlikely that something will change in the next 70 days beyond that. 


It's an iPhone 6s not even a 7..


Rogers should understand that experiences like this that try to strong arm people into sticking with Rogers actually cause the opposite effect. I currently have 3 lines with Rogers and 1 with Koodo, and I'm just trying to use this phone with the Koodo line. I've been with Rogers for a very very very long time, and this is pushing me out the door. 

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Hi @Sndnsn,



We can take a look into your account to see if we can assist you with your request. Please contact us via PM @CommunityHelps next time you're online. To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.




Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Around


My name is Vasya and i’am curious if there’s any chance to have my iPhone 5 Rogers unlocked. I bought it used on ebay that’s why i don’t have any receipts or contract number. But some of my friends got their iPhones successfully unlocked without such info. 


Thank you in advance.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Don't count on it. Their solution will be to have it activated on your account for the next 90 days, which isn't a solution at all. It's just the policy exactly as it currently is. 

It doesn't matter that the phones purchased have nothing to do with Rogers except for the fact that they lock it before selling the phones for their own benfit. 

We don't even get the "privilege" to pay Rogers $50 to undo their action of making the phones crappier before selling it.  

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I bought an IPhone 6 from Kijiji with the intention of using it on a different provider. This phone is locked to Rogers and I was under the impression I can get it unlocked from a 3rd party. Turns out no 3rd party can unlock a Rogers or Fido Iphone as the servers have been taken down by Rogers (or so I am told). Now I have a phone I cannot use as I don't have cell phone service from Rogers. I am being told I have to be a Rogers mobility customer for 90 days on a contract which I don't understand quite frankly as the phone has done it's term with Rogers. The original owner has not been a Rogers customer for more than 3 months so he cannot help either and he basically told me it's my problem.


So, I am asking please for some advice. I cannot go with Rogers as I have a work phone with Telus. Is there a way out for me or am I screwed.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @driveamclaren

Unfortunately nothing can be done. The first owner most likely bought it outright which they could have unlocked it with Rogers but decided not too or paid for it on a 2 year term and CANCELLED their account 3 months after.

Unfortunately under the CRTC unlocking rule it states carriers must unlock the device if the original owner bought it outright at that moment or wait 90 days if they bought it under a 2 year term and pays for it that way.

Unfortunately it doesn't state anywhere about someone else buying a used iPhone or device that is locked to someone else. So Rogers most likely won't be able to unlock it for u.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

This is why this "rule" is complete nonsense and makes no sense.


If the phone was originally bought outright, Rogers should have no say as to when that phone should be unlockable. That makes sense.


Now, if the phone was bought under a 2 year term and said plan cancelled 3 months after, the person now has to pay a crazy amount of cancellation fees to do so. 1 year and 9 months worth of cancellation fees.


Rogers' entire reasoning for cancellation fees is for that exact reason. To make their money back on the discount given on the initial purchase of the phone. 


So after Rogers has gotten their money, why should they have any say as to when the phone now should be unlockable?


People are saying, Okay Rogers. Double dip away. Cancellation fees, paid; phone, paid; unlock fee, will pay. Why is waiting 90 days a thing?


Just because. 


That's literally all that Rogers employees can say, because the actual reason that Rogers puts on their website is complete bogus, made up stuff. 

"Your device has been optimized for use on the Rogers network. You may find that some settings or features do not function properly once the device is unlocked and in use with another carrier's SIM card."


Really? lol. Anyone with a little knowledge of how iphones work can easily tell you how completely nonsense that sentence is. 


And blaming CRTC for this "rule" that most likely Rogers, Telus, and Bell lobbied to have exist, is the biggest cop-out ever. The only entities that this rule benefits is the companies; not customers. That is a huge failure of CRTC and every time that excuse has to be used to calm down customers, just shows how messed up this country's telco industry really is. 


At the end of the day, I'm the idiot for buying a Rogers locked phone, expecting anything of it. Complaining at this point is purely an exercise in keeping my insanity dealing with Rogers, and hoping that someone else will see it and be prevented from making the same mistake.


Good on you Rogers, keep trying to grasp at those straws, until the day finally comes when telecommunications companies become the dumb pipes they were meant to be. Huzzah.