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Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Around



We'll be travelling to the Philippines for a few weeks shortly and I was wondering whether it is possible to get my iPhone 4 unlocked so that I can use it there with a local carrier?




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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Yep thanks for that Maude 🙂

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Around

hi!! i have iphone 5 locked Rogers! i need unlock it, but i don t know where i must to write in order to do this! help me please!! thanks! i am in Europe!! i will be use it here


Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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Hello @maktity

Unfortunately you would need to contact Rogers by phone & having them unlock it for you. The phone MUST be on a active Rogers wireless account for more then 90 days if bought on a contract in order for them to unlock it & its a $50 charge.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I Plan to Stick Around

I'd like to know which unlocked iPhone 6 bought at a U.S. Apple store will work with Rogers fully.


The two models listed as unlocked models you can buy on are A1586 and A1549. 


The A1586 appears to be a superset of the A1549 in terms of bands it supports, yet for some reason


Apple lists Rogers only supporting the A1549 on


and Apple Canada lists both on

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Hello @ablatt
As far as i know,
A1549 will support LTE fully.
A1586 "may not" support LTE fully.

BUT Both apple version should support LTE.
AND both apple versions will work on Roger Network.
Using Unlocked "grey-market" phones isn't garunteed for full LTE max, your basic calls shouldn't be a problem.

@Meowmix might want to give you his input as well on this...
(or anyone else in the community!)

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Hi Everyone,

Looking to unlock an iphone 5s that is currently locked with Bell. Has anyone had any unlocking experience with an online site. If so/not, can anyone recommend the best and cheapest method available?




Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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Hello @bitznbytes

Unfortunately we can't list any sites which are third party on the forums due that this is a Rogers forum. Although I do know a few sites which cost is not a issue and the unlocking code is given to u within 24hrs. Have u tried contacting Bell?

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm Here A Lot
Not yet but am in the process. Would like to chat with you elsewhere on a reliable but cheap online unlocking service?

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Around

Hi, I bought an Iphone from Rogers.

After I bought, I came to South Korea and I want to use it.

because my Iphone is locked, I can't use my phone.

how can I use it in my country? 

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello @yeeunson

Sadly Rogers can not unlock your device as you are not in Canada & the IMEI number is not connected to a Rogers Wireless account.

You can either go into a third party cellphone store & have them unlock it or check a online site which may offer it.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Good day @yeeunson,


I just wanted to add my insight on this situation as you may have the ability to get your device unlocked.


If the account status is Cancelled, the following requirements apply:


  • The account balance (including cancellation fees, where applicable) must be paid in full.
  • The account must have been cancelled within the past 12 months.
  • If the final invoice has already been issued, the fee must be paid at the time of the unlock with a one-time credit card payment.

Therefore, if you wish to get your device unlocked, that your account was cancelled in the last year and that your account balance is 0, you can contact us to request the unlocking of your Rogers phone. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the $50 (+taxes) fee by credit card.


Hope this helps!



Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread



My dad has an iPhone 5 on contract with Rogers in the past two years, the contract has finally ended and he decides to change carrier to Fido. But due to the locked iphone, we need to go through Rogers to have it unlocked before we could transfer. So he went to a local Rogers store and asked for the service, paid the $50 fee and gave the IMEI info and all to the unlock department, we were told that after 24 hours we should receive a confirmation email.


So we waited and received the email stating the service has been processed, and now we need to follow the set of instructions to complete the process. We tried the back-up, format to factory setting and restoring our iPhone through iTunes FIVE TIMES, but there were no indications that the phone is unlocked. We've also received the new SIM card from Fido, so we tried switching SIM card too but it was no luck either.


We are all pretty frustrated as we thought be paying the service charge then the staff SHOULD be able to help us complete the whole process but time after time we returned to the store, the staffs just instructed us to use iTunes to complete the process at home on our own. Assuming my dad didn't have my assistance and he is not a computer-savvy person, how is he going to be able to complete this? I cannot believe that the representatives gave little to NO HELP for this, and now this has become a big mess.


Is there anyone who can actually provide some useful feedback to resolve this issue? Rather than just passing us around between store reps, call-center reps and departments?? We've had enough of this.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Hi phrappachino,
There wouldn't be any kind of indication or message that the phone is unlocked. The only difference would be slipping the Fido SIM and it would work.

Is the SIM already associated to a Fido account? What kind of error are you getting when you insert the SIM into the iPhone?

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

To confirm this go to google and use the search "apple configuration utility" and click the link from apple support and run the apple configuration tool and then it lets you code the rogers apn onto the phone from your computer. 🙂

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

weird this reply seems to have gotten placed in the wrong place LOL i posted it to a person in this thread as a reply and its at the end... "slaps the bug"

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

How can I unlock my IPhone ?


Problem: Cannot unlock my IPhone 4S Facts: 1.I have left the country 2.I have cancelled my Rogers account 3.My phone was broken once and I took it to the Apple store for exchanging a new one, yet the new one was not registered to my account Due to the above reasons, I have reached a dead end. Any suggestions plz?

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Good evening @whimsical,


Sorry for the late reply Smiley Embarassed

Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums!


The fact that you are outside of the country is not an obstacle to the unlocking of your device.


Were you given some sort of receipt or any type or confirmation from the Apple Store confirming the IMEI swap that took place for the defective unit?

If it is something that you would have the ability to provide, I can certainly verify if an exception could be made. 


Another thing that we would have to verify is whether your account balance was paid in full and if the cancellation of your account took place in the last year.


Let us know!



Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Around

Unlock ip6+ 


How can I unlock my phone before the 90days

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @JAR5

Unfortunately there is only one way which is online if u can find someone to do it. Rogers won't be able to do it unless it's after the 90 days or its bought outright from them.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread



such lords
well I have a concern not long ago had sight of New York, I'm from Ecuador and a store buy an iPhone 5 that was apparently free when I come to my country and wanted to work on iphone because I did not take any Sim operators that exist here, I wonder if you can help me solve the released of this device.




Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Hello @eli2585,

Welcome to the Community Forums!


You mentioned that you got the phone in New York City? In order for us to assist in unlocking your iPhone, the device would have to be locked to Rogers. Please click here and read message 415 for further eligibility requirements.


Let us know if you have any further questions.