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Unlocking iPhone Thread

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We'll be travelling to the Philippines for a few weeks shortly and I was wondering whether it is possible to get my iPhone 4 unlocked so that I can use it there with a local carrier?




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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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Of you do the unlocking from Rogers it is permanent. It will stay UNLOCKED no matter what OS software or Baseband. It stays factory unlocked. The code Rogers uses is from Apple.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I've Been Around


I have got an Iphone 4 locked to rogers. its out of contract already. is there any possibility to unlock it for any carrier?









Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello Clucas

Did you pay the full price for the phone? Or did you finish the 3 year term?

In order for Rogers to unlock it for you, it would cost $50 for Rogers to unlock it & there are a few things for them to do it.

1. The phone must be paid full price
2. If you bought the phone on a 3 year term, you must have finished the 3 year term.
3. The phone MUST be on a Rogers account for them to unlock it.

I suggest contacting Rogers & speaking to them more about it.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Can my iphone 4 be unlocked no matter what the baseband is

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I'm a Trusted Advisor

Hello MikaholicA

Yes you can BUT at the moment you can only unlock via Rogers. If you want Rogers to unlock it, you need to follow the policies.

- The device being paid full price.
- Device MUST be attached on a account.
- The phone has to be done its 3 year term with the account to be eligible to have Rogers unlock the phone.

The unlocking fee from Rogers is $50. Jail breaking the phone & unlocking it threw a app is also available to you if you like.