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Unlocking iPhone Thread

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We'll be travelling to the Philippines for a few weeks shortly and I was wondering whether it is possible to get my iPhone 4 unlocked so that I can use it there with a local carrier?




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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread



Is it possible to unlock an Iphone 4 from Bell to rogers? I see lots of conversations about unlocking the iphones but can't find a direct answer to this.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Whoever is the owner of the phone would have to talk to bell.

It is possible to be done? Yes.  But bell will have to do it, usualy requires the phone to be out of contract/owned fully.  There may be a charge to do so, etc.

Only other choice would be a 3rd party unlocker.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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I just finished a lengthy tel call with  Rogers(ask for the unlocking department or service) but my daughter in law:s iphone 4s is now unlocked (50$), I am a Rogers customer with an accout in good standing ... so they billed my account. All I have to do when I get my SIM card with the new carrier is go on Itune, plug my phone and click on the restore button in the center of the screen..

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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So vienneaur1 can I send you $50 to you, and you call to rogers to unlock my iPhone, because I do not have account, I am not rogers customer. I will give you full information about my iPhone.


Best Regards!

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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Does anyone know unlocking the iphone through Rogers (IMEI) is permanent?  Will that be equivalent to factory unlock where we don't have to ever worry about upgrading the OS, baseband etc and still expect the phone to work  with a different carrier afterwards?