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Unlocking iPhone Thread

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We'll be travelling to the Philippines for a few weeks shortly and I was wondering whether it is possible to get my iPhone 4 unlocked so that I can use it there with a local carrier?




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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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Derp.. thanks chris 🙂  yeah, that was a typo.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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I just recently got an iphone 4s from my uncle as a gift a week ago, When i got it, it was already activated to rogers as a shared data plan with maybe 3 other relatives. I am wondering if rogers can unlock my iphone i plan to get my own plan i dont want to be stuck with a shared plan thats under my uncles name.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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@KidTechnology if you plan to stay with Rogers you don't need to unlock the phone.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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Hi, I'm wondering if I port my number from Rogers to another carrier will I still be able to call Rogers to unlock my Iphone 4 that I have with them? I'm thinking of going with the 5 with another carrier.




Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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Hi everyone. I lived for two years in Canada, but i back to Brasil in 2012. I tried to use my iphone here but he is blocked. How can i unblock it? Thanks.


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