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Unlocking iPhone Thread

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We'll be travelling to the Philippines for a few weeks shortly and I was wondering whether it is possible to get my iPhone 4 unlocked so that I can use it there with a local carrier?




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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

@ Chris . Thanks for msg..

my new phone put sim in card just show first step is select language, second step is select country , 3rd have two option activate with cellular Sim or Wi-fi. but can't activate. now i am pakistan , for field engineering job. so can't activate my phone with unlocking. so how first unlock my iphone.??

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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@fmalik87 if you are the original purchaser of the phone and your contract has elapsed then you can call rogers and have them unlock it.

If you are not the original owner or you have not finished your contract you are out of luck with rogers but you can always try jailbreaking or there are some services online that you can pay to have your phone unlocked.

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

So Rogers locked it to keep us with them and now we have to pay for this

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

@ Chris. suppose if other person gifted iphone to friend. after gifted who is the owner. if he has iphone BOX , Iphone each & every thing so he is the owner of the iphone.

this is my point of view. if you agree so like...

for example : in future i will gift any thing so offcouse you are owner...

i am waiting for your response....

Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

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@fmalik87 I agree you are the new owner but Rogers needs the person who's account the phone was purchased on so they can see if the subsidies have been paid back. Carriers pay around I think $450 to apple for the iPhone and then sign the users up on a contract at a certain $ amount in order to re-coup that $450. Then they expect that $450 to be paid back over 3 yrs (in the case of rogers). They don't care what happens to the phone next as long as the original owner is still paying their contract. This is why they need the original owner to call in to get it unlocked as they verify if the $450 has been paid off yet or not.