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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Why headache or hesitation about UNLOCK YOUR PHONE ? if you are from TORONTO ONTARIO or surrounding area, go to "PACIFIC MALL" the Guy n Girl there will unlock any of your device, go to any store and ask them to unlock, hey not iPhone5 ok 😉


PS: Mall located at "Steele and Kennedy" google or yahoo maps for TTC and Driving direction.

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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

hi all,


I recently use 1 locked iphone 4 from Rogers ISP.

I'm from Viet Nam And My iphone is expired from 20-Oct-2012.


Actually, my phone is bought from a canadian student who traveled to Viet Nam.

So I'm not contract owner of this iphone.


Where and How can I unlocked my expired iphone 4? Rogers can help me?



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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I would like to see Rogers change their unlock policy.  It's currently offered after 3 years/end of contract, but it would be nice to see them offering it after 3 months.  I would also like to see Rogers drop the price of the unlocking service to $35 or less.  Other wireless companies are doing this.

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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Good afternoon.


First of all I would like to apologize in advance to bring you a low level of English proficiency and the use of on-line interpreter, but the situation has developed with my phone forcing me.


You see what it was 11 months ago, my friend is in Canada, personally purchased the iPhone 4S 16Gb for free, in-store mobile operator Rogers, of course, without any type of contracts and subsidies, full prise.


Just two weeks after purchase, the phone was delivered to Russia, and during use, I twice changed the local operator (MTS, MegaFone), did a hardware reset, activated the phone in the Russian network operators, upgrade the software to 6.0 and did not experience absolutely no problems.


However, just four days ago, after a hard reset, the phone refused to activate, restore a backup and perform with them what else do something.


The only message is on the screen - please set the SIM card which supports the activation of the phone, and the network is both Russian operators and the phone is no problem with the signal level.


Based on the above, I concluded that there was a misunderstanding, and for some unknown reason, Rogers blocked phone.


Maybe I do not fully understand the company's policy and I have no idea how to be locked phone purchased for full price.


Please, tell me what action is your opinion should I take to bring the phone to a working state in the future step by step?


Advance grateful for your response.

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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Yes Rogers policy on Unlocking is unfortunate but luckily there is temporary solutions that work just as good..


I have been selling brand new Gevey Sims that work on iOS 6.0.1 on the iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 and they work great.

The only problem with the Gevey Unlock is that it only supports the iPhone 4 on iOS 4.3.5 or lower Smiley Frustrated

iPhone Unlocking in Vancouver, BC
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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

I am moving permanently overseas and am wondering if Rogers would be able to unlock my 4s for me, despite having time on my contract left. 

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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

i also contacted Rogers about unlocking my two older iphones. explaining i would like to pass them on to family. well i got absolutely NO WHERE with customer service. She told me to try contacting the rogers store(retail) and then when we did they told us they didn't do it, to contact a cell phone repair they could probably do it.....of course when contacting them , we were told the 3GS would be simple $30.00 or so. The 4G was totally different, was REALLY NOT EVEN WORTH HIS TIME.... 



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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Hi rapsket,


Your question has been answered here:





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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread

Hi ....
My name is prince and i am from India (Punjab) .. i brought iphone 4 from Canada (Rogers) which is unlucky lock with rogers Canada ... i saw your Ad on toronto.en.craigslist.ca i want to unlock my device version of my iphone 4 5.1.1(9B208)
and modem firmware 04.12.01 plz help me as soon as possible thanku very much

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Re: Unlocking iPhone Thread




I have used Iphone GS 16 GB and carrier is Rogers. The former owner ( distant relative) was a client but he bought a new one and gave the old  to me but it*s locked. I´m not sure that the contract between Rogers Canada and former owner is mature (2+ years).

I want this phone to use it outside Rogers in a different country ( Estonia).

What can I do to unlock it legally?

Model: MB715LL

Carrier: Rogers 13.1


Thank you