Unlocking an iPhone 4 which is now overseas...

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Unlocking an iPhone 4 which is now overseas...

Hi There,


I have an iPhone 4 I bought from Rogers while in Canada on 30.10.11 - it was under contract with Rogers for 1 year, contract expired on 29.10.12.


I now want to unlock it so I can use it with a carrier in Switzerland - how do I do this please?  I do not remember the original telephone number from the Rogers contract, but I have the full details of the Rogers supplied iPhone.


I tried using live chat support - but without a number or CA post code I cannot launch a session.


Many thanks!



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Re: Unlocking an iPhone 4 which is now overseas...

Hello dowser

Sadly u will NOT be able to get it unlocked via Rogers. The phone must be on a Rogers wireless account and u must be in Canada to do so. If you have a friene in Canada that is willing to add the IMEI number on their account, u may be able to get it unlocked for a fee of $50. I doubt that will work tho.

You can try unlocking the phone via a third party store or a online site or jailbreaking BUT please be aware doing so can sometimes malfunction thephone or have issues.
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Re: Unlocking an iPhone 4 which is now overseas...

My son is leaving for Sweden for 10 months and wants to unlock his Iphone 4s before leaving.  He has had the phone for 18 months as part of a family plan.  Is there a link to Rogers policy - I think CRTC regulations changed in the last few months.



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Re: Unlocking an iPhone 4 which is now overseas...

What are the restrictions?
When you purchase a wireless device on a new or existing Rogers account at full price, you are eligible to unlock it immediately.For those customers who are under a term commitment, we have made some changes to our device unlocking policy to give you more flexibility in the way you use your wireless device.

In March 2013, we’ll be changing our policy so that you no longer have to wait until you complete your full term commitment – you can unlock 90 days after activating your device on the Rogers network. We’re also making it even easier for you to have your phone unlocked by bringing it to any of our Rogers retail stores.How much will it cost?You can unlock your device for $50 plus applicable taxes.

Update March 6th, 6pm: Hi everybody. We’re happy to announce that our new unlocking policy will be implemented effective March 28th.

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