Unlocked Samsung Galaxy SIV from Korea

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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy SIV from Korea

Hi there,


I recieved a gift from my friend that just came back from Korea. The Samsung Galaxy SIV SHV-E300L model and it is unlocked but when I put my SIM card in from Rogers it does not lock onto the network. I never ran into this problem before with unlocked phones, I thought you just pop in the SIM and it should work. I was wondering if there is any assitance I could get to make the phone work with Rogers. Thanks


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Re: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy SIV from Korea

Hello kenshin353

Try going into the settings & adding the Rogers APN on the phone. BTW you will not get LTE on this one as this one does NOT support Rogers LTE networks. You will only get EDGE / 3G at most.