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Unbelievably bad latency, when will this stop?

I've Been Around

Hello all,


I, living near Sheppard area in Toronto, have been experiencing absolutely unbearable internet from Rogers wireless. 

I recently upgraded to 100gig cap when it was on half price sale, and the massive latency has gotten EVEN WORSE. 


During the day and night time, I use pingtest and most of the time I get like +200 ms. It is absolutely disgusting latency. I cannot play ANY sort of games. I have tried two routers that most people seem to have and no difference. Even worse is, my friend who lives down the street, does NOT use wireless and he also gets +200 ping. 


Rogers says they will stop throttling in 2012, but when? I didn't pay more monthly to get this disastrous ping. I can't even change to Bell (very low latency downtown) because I still have like a year to go in this Rogers contract. Is there any way to fix this? It has always been pretty bad (always near 100) but it has gotten way worse. Oh, also it disconnects like every night. I have to restart the modem or wait til it comes back online. 


If internet disconnects and I restart modem and it works again, is it my modem's fault? or Rogers? 


Thanks everyone, I know there are lots of threads about latencies, but I am getting mad stressed out. 



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Re: Unbelievably bad latency, when will this stop?

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi brianious,


Sorry to hear you're getting stressed. I'm curious, which modem you are you using?



Re: Unbelievably bad latency, when will this stop?

I'm a Senior Advisor

brianious wrote:


If internet disconnects and I restart modem and it works again, is it my modem's fault? or Rogers? 


In my opinion it is both! The D3 modems - both CISCO and SMC - are not very good. Yet Rogers continues to insist that these are the only modems they will authorize! I can only wonder why Rogers forces their customers to use substandard equipment. They never used to to do this but the complaints about these two modems are widespread. All you need to do is a Google search!

Re: Unbelievably bad latency, when will this stop?

I've Been Here Awhile

anyone that had speed issues, getting better speeds yet? 

Re: Unbelievably bad latency, when will this stop?



It was stable yesterday, terrible the day before (can't stay connected for more than 5 minutes sometimes, ping would randomly spike to 9k and completely drop me off whatever game I'm playing, which as some of you gamers know has terrible consequences even if I'm able to reconnect within 1 minute).


Then all of a sudden tonight, same **bleep** happens and I get screwed over again and again. Checked speedtest and pingtest, everything looks normal, but I'm pretty sure normal connections wouldn't cause this kind of randomness when my friend who lives 2 blocks from me has completely stable internet but with another service provider.

Re: Unbelievably bad latency, when will this stop?

ya, my friend had no internet access for a day, my friend who lives less than a mile away, has perfect internet, and me, who lives in another town, has decent, (depending on time of day)

all rogers, -_-

i was really looking forward to me week off, between my last exam, and first day of work, but sadly... -_-


though, i've been satisfied with roger's connection for almost, (if not over) 10 years, with only a few occurrences of minor issues.
when there were problems, i call in, and they say, they are updating their service, or doing some fixing, which will take a few days, and within that weekend, its fixed

however, this time, i call in, they have no issues, they tell me its my modem.  (it is a few years old, fair enough, though i see no reason for it being the cause) i get the 'rogers' modem, no improvements, also, i keep asking, if rogers is doing some sort of update to their service, or having some issues that they are trying to resolve, and they tell me nothing is wrong at their end.  

i would completely over look this incident, if it wasn't for the fact that i'm not getting answers in why the service has been terrible, or when it would be resolved, also, it has been over a month.  Though, of ten years of use, and having only a few problems, i'm quite satisfied, though i wish they could fix this problem asap, especially before Diablo 3 comes out, XD 


in terms of gaming for me.  I play dota 2 nowadays since its free, and in one game, at the begining, i was perfectly fine, 5 mins in, i had about a consistant 1 second delay on actions.  by the end, (and it ended since i couldn't do anything) i had about 5-10 second delays.  i've surprisingly adapted to my consistent 1 second delay, however, 5-10... was absolutely terrible.


Re: Unbelievably bad latency, when will this stop?

I've Been Here Awhile

Hah 1000ms ping? Consider yourself lucky. I reached 3000ms ping in league of legends. Not sure what Rogers is doing, but it is veery annoying, especially when it starts off perfectly fine and your WINNING. I have also lost channel bonding if that means anything to you.

Re: Unbelievably bad latency, when will this stop?

I've Been Here Awhile

i think i get the general idea, never got into LoL, but, my internet was extremely bad about 2 weeks ago, where i couldn't even maintain a skype call, nor have 'instant' messaging.  though my friends internet was down for a few days, etc.  I just went to the rogers store to swap my tv pvr or w/e its called, since mine had a hdd issue, i was curious, and asked them if anyone had internet issues.  to his knowlege none... sigh


my internet atm is getting better, but i do hope people with problems actually register into the rogers forum, and tell them about it.  I'm not sure if complaints to Customer service does any good, lol, they were so good... oh what happened, lol



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