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I've Been Around
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I am writing simply because I feel it needs to be out there! I have been a customer personally for probably close to 8 years and to be quite honest, any issue I have had has been resolved quickly and to my satisfaction! Unfortunately, at the end of my contract, I will no longer be a customer of Rogers, and here is why...


My family has been with Rogers for as far back as I can remember, we recently moved into a new house and have nothing but issues with our televisions, our internet and in general our services. Somebody has been in many times to get new boxes as the ones we had were apparently broken is some way shape or form, we have had technicians in countless times looking at this and that and telling us many different reasons why it was our issue that YOUR product was not working such as, our house is too long, our wiring for our electiricity is out among others. We did not argue, as we are not Rogers technicians but rather, customers. We recently called about our television boxes rebooting and such and the lady on the phone told my sister in law to call when the technician left to talk about a reimbursement!

So my sister in law calls today and I will be very honest, the conversation turned rather unpleasant quite quickly and I really could not blame her. The woman she spoke with was quick to tell her that she did not believe her and that these problems were made up! Her reasoning, we could not afford to pay the bill! The same bill for services we were NOT getting! The funny thing about her comment though, beyond the distastefulness of it is this, we have driven in (gas prices are not cheap) at least a half dozen times to get new boxes, we got an electirician at our house at his hourly rate because you guys told us it was our issue, we have missed days of work so we could be here for said technicians. All of this by my quick count probably comes to more than the reimbursement we were seeking for services NOT rendered!


I thank you again for the service you have given me personally but unfortunately, the lady that we dealt with today not only inferred that we were trying to scam them, she was quick to try to persuade us away from being Rogers customers and then claims she is "trying to help" us!


Soon to be a former customer




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Re: Unbelievable!

Hi @wet1413


Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy

I’m sorry to hear about you recent experiences with your Rogers services. I can definitely understand your frustration with how your issues have been handled. Smiley Sad

We’d like to help in getting a better understanding and assisting in resolving your issue with your services. I’m going to have someone reach out to you from @CommunityHelps in a Private Message, please check our Messages from the Envelope icon in the top right hand side of your screen.


Thank you,



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Re: Unbelievable!

That felt very wrong. Sorry to hear about your expierence @wet1413

😞 I am surprised someone spoke to you and your sister in law in such manner.

@RogersPrasana definitely can help you. I hope this gets resolved for you...

I know new homes have wiring issue and other issues, but seriously, I wouldnt expect myself to know all of this either if i moved into a new home. You did exactly what I would have done and that's believe the technical expertise of a technician.

Hopefully this gets resolved, and if they promised your reimbursment you should be getting it. I know rogers is good at honouring their promises like that. Don't base you experience off one person on the phone.

If I did that with every company, I have had a lot of agents for my support on my gaming rig, from microsoft and samsung who give incorrect info. I guess over the years I just know when to not bother and call again to get someone else...
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Re: Unbelievable!

Sorry to hear about your experience @wet1413. "Your house being too long" is ridiculous. The only time something like that has any bearing would be with a wifi router. I had to locate mine in the middle of the house so everybody gets a good signal. You don't say which boxes you have, but I'd assume a Nextbox 3.0 is involved. These need a stronger signal, but with a straight run of good quality cable, no house is "too long". You'd only lose signal when there are numerous splices and splitters.  The Nextbox 3.0 has been around for a couple of years now and many people think it was never fully developed and tested before it was released. While many have few problems and are happy with it, there are a huge number of customers who have constant problems. It makes you wonder if defective boxes that are replaced are even tested before they're foisted on a new customer.  Also, new features seem to get added as fast as broken features get fixed. Lower level Rogers reps don't appear to know about the problems.


Sorry for being so negative and I don't even have one, just going by what I've  been reading the last couple of years.  Maybe someone else here, like @Gdkitty, who has had a positive experience, can chime in here and reassure you there's light at the end of the tunnel. 

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario
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Re: Unbelievable!

I guess everyone experince is different.

I have had my fair share of problems... street signal issues, which took month to fix.

But all eventually did get resolved.

MOST issues i have ever had.. from the internet net end or the TV end, have all stemmed around signal issues.  Once that was rectified.. really no issues since.
That did take a new line to the house, new street stuff, etc.
But since then.. and my signal is pretty much BANG on perfect.. have had very little issues that other users report.


Really all i did was keep pressure on them.  Call them EVERY night/day there is an issue so its all on record.  Have them continually send techs out.  (i did not take any time off work, i did have them come out for evening visits).
Eventually did get resolved.
Put me in a good place at that point to negotiate a discount deal for the problems. 

I've Been Around
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Re: Unbelievable!

I will admit I am still a little perturbed but when she called this morning to cancel, the lady she talked to was much more receptive to our issues and also did not condone how the conversations went yesterday! I do try to take the good with the bad, but I felt a little put out (knowing I was not the one to talk to her), that she was claiming what she was claiming.   As I said, I have a cell phone and have personally been happy with everything.

My sister in law was satisfied and they are coming out again to try and resolve the issues. Here is hoping! But I can not have said what I said yesterday without alos mentioning the much better service we had today!