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Unbelievable: Rogers charging me $50 per GB for data overage

I've Been Here Awhile

Just whent I thought I had just survived bill shock last month (see here), here comes Rogers with a new suprise for me.


I went over my data cap by about 1.03 gb and Rogers just billed me $52.91 for it. So I emailed my customer rep and she says that's because the data overage rate for my plan is $0.05/mb or $50/gb. Unbelievable! 


First off, in my last billing, the data overage rate was $0.03/mb or about $30/gb. This info came directly from a Rogers customer rep on the phone and I even asked her to convert the rate from mb to gb (she said very specifically $30.72/gb). I wrote down what she said and that's why I have a very specific number.


Second, when I asked for a correction of my bill last month I correctly computed how much Rogers overcharged me by using the $30/gb rate. When they did give me credit, the computation was based on that rate.


Now I have a customer rep telling me that it was $50/gb all along on my plan which is impossible since both and Rogers and I correctly computed it at $30/gb just last month. 


Maybe Rogers is trying to increase the data overage charge within contract period, but I don't think it's legal for them to just arbitrarily do so. As per the Wireless Code:


  1. "A service provider must not change the key contract terms and conditions of a postpaid wireless contract during the commitment period without the customer’s informed and express consent."
  2. "When a service provider notifies a customer that it intends to change a key contract term or condition during the commitment period, the customer may refuse the change."


In your plan, what is the data overage rate and can Rogers just increase it without your agreement? How did you deal with it or how did Rogers respond?




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Re: Unbelievable: Rogers charging me $50 per GB for data overage

I'm a Reliable Contributor
Here we go again. Wonder if it is just one stupid CSR who can't be bothered to check. I've seen those before. I know an awful lot of people who were let go by Rogers over the last couple of years. The compensation there must be pretty feeble.

Re: Unbelievable: Rogers charging me $50 per GB for data overage

I've Been Around

I've noticed Tech Savvy offers 300GB bandwidth for the price Rogers charges me for 25GB.  Is it time to move?

Re: Unbelievable: Rogers charging me $50 per GB for data overage

TSI and some other 3rd party ones, do offer more GB right off the bat compared to rogers
(if you are not getting the 200g bonus from other services, etc)


Only downside of the 3rd party ones, is that they STILL rent rogers lines for it... and if there are any technical issues, can take a littler longer to resolve.. as you need to put in a ticket with them, who then files on with rogers to do the tech work, etc.