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Unacceptable service and standards of quality.

I've Been Around

I've been with Rogers for the past 12-13 years, having internet provided to me by them in the downtown core, I had no concerns as the stability of the service as well as support was second to none--oh how things change. The quality of the service immediately dropped now that I'm up in Scarborough. It wasn't an immediate change though, the service had it's ups and downs but nothing that immediately made me feel as though I'd be better off without the service all together.


For the past 2 weeks, I've suffered constant disconnections, unstable speeds and timeouts galore. I figured it had to do with congestion, but when it happens on 24/7 you start to question that assumption. It doesn't take a whole lot for me to get angry, but I feel for those who are in the same position as me who has complained about Rogers unfit service over the years and yet they have done nothing to provide the customers with a service deemed acceptable. As with many, I also received a notice that my upload speed would be increased to 2mbps (from 512kbps) on November 4th, 2011-- it is now the 6th and I've seen no change in my upload limit adding to the fact that I'm still suffering from the problems I've aforementioned. I'm honestly at the end of my rope. I'm going to start looking for another provider if they can't manage to get things sorted. Am I able to reach customer support on the weeknds by phone? Has live chat been successful? I need to reach them this instance, but if all is for naught I'll just give my business elsewhere. If anyone can recommend me a better service I'm all ears.


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Re: Unacceptable service and standards of quality.

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when it comes to the reliability and performance of Rogers Internet services, I would suggest that perception is reality.


Just participate, even just lurk on the edges of this Forum for a few weeks, and you will get a feeling for these perceptions as they are held, and propagated here by quite a few Forum participants.  There are of course groups who feel particularly victimized (is that too strong a word?), such as the WoW subscribers.  But the aggrieved group appears much broader than that.


You have titled your posting: "Unacceptable service and standards of quality".  I think you have hit the nail right on the head.


Rogers is a multi-billion ($12.2B revenues, $4.7B profits in 2010) dollar corporation.  I point you to its 2010 annual report:


If you should take the time to look at that Annual Report you would note that 56% of revenues are from wireless and 32% from cable services.  Wireless, cable and the Internet are their core business for crying out loud!


When it comes to network management and support, much of the time Rogers management and their support staff look like the gang who couldn't shoot straight.  We know that the technological tools are available.  We know that support staff can be managed, measured and motivated to provide not just good, but superior service.  Why cannot Rogers accomplish this?


Is there any Canadian ISP that does a better job at this?  Or is this problem systemic to the Canadian environment?





Re: Unacceptable service and standards of quality.

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I've seen increasing complaints such as this, and it worries me.  So far I haven't had to complain about service in my area, but I fear I could end up in the same situation eventually.  **bleep**, a 16-storey condo tower will soon be "open for business" right next door.  More will be built on this very street, not even a 5 minute walk from here.  If Rogers don't take potential new subscribers into account, I fear we could end up with crappy service in this area too.

Re: Unacceptable service and standards of quality.

I've Been Around

  I to have had it with Rogers, Icanceled out a month ago after 6 months of 0.14 Mb speeds. I talked to a tech he told me I should have a number between 7 & 21 so my speeds are shall we say none existant. I travelled the Area and stopped at a dozen locations  and ran a speed test, I got one of 4 Mb at Selkirk sitting right under the tower,  The rest of the stops were all less than 0.2Mb. So the best speed is nowhere near what the techie said I should have. He told me that they would send me a new rocket stick for $35.00 (Ihad just bought the one I have 3months earlier,, $189.00) so I said no thanks is there no warranty on the one I have,apparently not.  One day I tried to pay a bill online, I tried for 45min with no luck, the next two days the same, so on the forth day I was going into town so I paid it at the Bank. Guess who's bill it was. Rediculous.   Also I like the other scam they run,cutting your useage in half. For the fist couple of months I had 1Gig of useage and didn't go over. The next month I had an overage 1.1Mb. but I noticed that my useage had been reduced to 500Mb. so instead of paying on a overage of 100Mb. I had to pay on 600Mb. Great scam Aye. When I asked you had changed it and what was going on I never did get a clear sounded like he got a mouthful of marballs pretty fast.  They say in there adds that they are twice as fast as DSL, My DSL at home would run circles around there wireless. To me if they can't give to the whole network what they advertise then it shouldn't be advertised as such                                                                    

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