Unable to DL and view SHM videos in BB10 devices.

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Unable to DL and view SHM videos in BB10 devices.

Since April last year I have been unable to download and view cam videos from the history of events. Rogers have been "working on this known issue" since then. MANY calls, MANY hours on the phone with them, MANY escalations, MANY  "followup calls" not returned, MANY service tickets, several  "ticked closed, problem solved" automated calls.


SOLVED ..  By me...   😞


These issues often turn out to be simple , and it was..  Apparently when BB and Rogers pushed out the 10.3. OS version last March/April, IT RESET THE SMART HOME APP PERMISSIONS. It turned OFF the permission to access and download  "files from remote (including cloud) servers".


I found this, turned it on...  now working.


I updated Rogers tech support with this..  THEY HAD NO IDEA there was a permissions toggle on the app. (!)


Never was this suggested in all the many hours of conversation, escalates, tier 2 discussions...  and I did not know it was there either..


Thought it was the app version (with their input, and it was working on a BB Z10 with an older version of the SHM app) so when the new vesion was DLed this AM and IT did not work, I went at it with a vengance..


I got lucky, so thought I would post here in case someone else with this "known issue" is out there as frustrated as I was...


Apparently the Rogers Engineers that code this stuff DO NOT communicate well with Tech Support...


Another "known issue" within Rogers.  The front line Techs try SO HARD.  To bad they are not given the needed resourses from the back room...   😞




Cappy 48



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Re: Unable to DL and view SHM videos in BB10 devices.

Hello @Cappy48,


Thank you so much for sharing this information with the community and our tech support team!  I'm sure your efforts will help someone else experiencing this issue in the community, as well as providing our tech team with another means to assist our customers!


Much appreciated,