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US roaming data plans

I've Been Around

I'm quite disappointed in the available options for US roaming data plans.  Previously available options were much better at meeting customers needs.

The new $7.99 / day (for 50MB per day) plan is not a good option.  If I travel into the USA for 3 weeks, that means a $168+ charge for what would be my own minimal data useage.  No thanks.  This plan does not serve the need of an average customer such as myself who only needs basic e-mail access and minimal data over an extended trip.


More options are needed - options that better meet custmoers needs.  


I'd suggest offering an option similar to a previously offered option, where a customer could buy various amonts of data (10MB, 20 MB, 50 MB) that would be useable for a trip as long as a one month period.  If it were affordable and met my limited needs, I would buy it.  I will not purchase this plan that is far to expensive and does not meet my needs.

Thanks for listening.


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Re: US roaming data plans

Resident Expert
Thfisher, while this effected you negatively, there are many others who used 5-20mb of data a day, that spent MORE than the 7.99 (alot more) where this rate is better than before.
Though I agree there should be other smaller options for minimal users like yourself, that would override the 7.99 (like right now if you pay for the LARGER packages the 7.99 doesn't apply. )

Re: US roaming data plans

I've Been Here Awhile

It just hit me too. A 5 day trip to the US, I used data on three occasions for a total of 121Kb, cost me $24. The same month a 5 day trip to Switzerland I used 550Kb and it cost me less than $6. The advice from Rogers is for me to get my phone unlocked and to use a US sim. I really hope that when the US competition comes here there will be a more realistic option.

Re: US roaming data plans

I Plan to Stick Around

Just wondering when Rogers will follow suit with Bell and other carriers offering better roaming rates. As Rogers offers the 7.99/50MB fine.. But that is just ok for USA now about the rest of the world? Also calling rates are not good or texting.
We need to have better roaming packages like the USA carriers do and not these over priced packages..

Re: US roaming data plans

I've Been Around

I do not deal with the rogers plans they are a rip off. Just go to the nearest Walmart in the US and buy a Tracphone. Register with the US address in the state where you bought it and you're good to go. Everything will cost 50$ and up (phone included) (depending on th phone you buy) for about about 120 minutes of talk time. You can even text. Then you can refill it for 20$ and double up to the 120 minute plan anytime. This Tracphone option is great for simple talk time, but if you need data this is not an option for you.

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