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UR Music

I've Been Around

Is there anyone in the Rogers organization that knows how to work UR Music Ringbacks, since they are the ones charging for the service? The more and more I talk with Rogers, the angrier I get. If it isn't one thing, it's something else. People keep saying all cell companies are the same, but my god, their service is just getting worse and worse. They don't support this and they don't support that, but they can tie you up for months and months.


Re: UR Music

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi CSS and welcome to the forums,


Are you able to give us a description of the issue you are experiencing? The more information you provide the better.

Re: UR Music

I Plan to Stick Around

UR music site is full of spyware, I would be carefull to read any 3rd party tos (terms of service) before accepting, this one i read was going to bill me weekly 10$ us for its services. the services that i was interested were not even included in the contract, but other "services" were.


Re: UR Music

I've Been Around
i am already a member im just trying to hook up my playbook

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