UMA Clarification?

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UMA Clarification?

Hey all,

I know this has probably been answered before but I did a quick search and nothing came up. Not to mention the live support file is an .exe file that I can't open on my mac.

Anyhow, I have a bold 9700 that I got last year (august 2010) on their student unlimited social networking plan. So I have UMA on my phone but I'm not quite sure how the Long Distance works.

Right now I have a 647 number, as I'm from Mississauga. However I live in Waterloo for the time being.

So if I'm on UMA, will it charge me if I call other 647 numbers in Waterloo, or what about if I call 519 numbers in Waterloo.

Any help appreciated thanks.



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Re: UMA Clarification?

To keep it simple, when you are on Wifi (UMA) the network see's you as located in Toronto.  So if you are in Windsor or  Waterloo, cant remember which one of the 2 u said u were staying at,   when you turn on Wi-Fi. the network see's you as in Toronto. so you can Call Toronto numbers locally.  Why? because your number to begin with was from toronto.  There are no such thing as calling areas on wi-fi.  its impossible to tell so it asusmes your home area.   You want to call waterloo or windsor when your on wi-fi, it will be a long distance call.  just imagine that your in your house in Mississauga when ever you turn on wifi and the litTLE Uma light comes on, thats it,