Two cable boxes in same room

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Two cable boxes in same room

I have a 8642HD pvr supplying signal to a HDprojector.

I have added a 4642 HD box in the same room to supply signal to a 60" plasma. Beside the big screen.

The supplied remote changes both boxes when it is used. I remember years ago before HD having 2 boxes together and there was instruction in the owners manual to change the remote and box to a different control channel so each remote would only control it's own box and not both. So, one remote on channel A and the other on channel B.

I can not find any instruction on how to do this. Is there a fix or has technology moved backwards?

Thanks, Mike.




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Re: Two cable boxes in same room

Hmm, having never done it I can't be sure.

Did a quick look at the current remotes manual
This is from the mfg, not Rogers, and I'm not seein it anywhere in there. 😞

I'm guessing your old box was and older remote as well?

If I can find anything else (other facing the boxes different directions :p) I will post again, and will think on any possible solutions.

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Re: Two cable boxes in same room

ive had a rogers box since like when they first came out and do not remember any way to address the remote to a specific box either, it might be a bell thing, it definitely can not find it in any of my rogers remote manuals either.

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Re: Two cable boxes in same room

It easy with this

You just have to block the IR sensor completely on the box you want to control via the RF. I did that with black tape over the IR repeater. You could also turn the box around so that the IR from the remote can't hit it.
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Re: Two cable boxes in same room

Sadly I am unaware of any way to accomplish this without third party technology. The remotes are programmed to control the HDSTB/DSTB regardless.
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