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Two Things

Hi, I have two problems I would like help with:

1. My name is wrong on my Rogers profile. How do I correct this?

2. I do not live in Canada, but come here several times throughout the year. I do not require a monthly plan as I am not here from month to month. Instead I would like to top up and use my phone as and when I enter the country. I would not like for my phone to become inactive as it is very convenient for me to keep my number.

Any help you have will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Two Things

1. call them

2. prepaid sim? &/or as a pay as you go plan?

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Re: Two Things

Call them is the best way, they can fix spelling, address, etc.

I would tend to agree, while you don't get the most talk/data compared to a monthly plan, a pre paid/pay as you go is likely best.
Most of these you can have x many months inactive before they do anything to the number. When you come back, just but more time.

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Re: Two Things

Hello Wilson55

I would contact Rogers & have them change it on your account.

As for the plan. I would suggest getting a pay as you go sim card & use that. Reason being as you won't be locked in a contract & can add money or not pay any time & you will not have issues. The only thing is if you do not have money on it, it will not work.