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Trying to configure wireless router(s)

I Plan to Stick Around

ok, I am wanting to use my rogers router (smcd3gn) in a backyard office, using wireless the range does not quite extend to house (just the back standing at the back wall to get signal is not really great).  I have a netgear N600 (WNDR3700 router) that I would like to use to 'extend' or repeat the wireless signal so we can have internet in the house.  Is this do-able with the rogers router?  I've have nothing but NO from Rogers tech, but have read of other people doing the 'extending or repeating' to get the range they need.


I was wondering if I needed to buy yet one more netgear router (2 total) and disable the rogers router (but use the modem cabled into one of the netgear wireless routers) and setup the 2 netgear routers to 'repeat' the signal to extend it to the house.


Any input on this?  I'm not very 'up' on network settings and all so please try to keep it simple.  Thanks 🙂



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Re: Trying to configure wireless router(s)

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there were a series of postings about ten, twelve months ago where someone had a similar requirement to yours.  That thread had quite a bit of discussion of the matter.  Here is the URL:


I suggest you take a look at that thread, and then get back to us here with more questions.


The requirement in that thread involved a slightlydifferent situation in detail, but I think the same principles could apply to your requirement.  Anyway, it would be a reasonable point at which to begin a discussion to meet your requirements.




Re: Trying to configure wireless router(s)

I Plan to Stick Around

ok, just so I understand this a bit order for me to use my 2 routers to repeat/extend the wireless... do I need to call rogers and have them disable the Rogers wireless feature on their modem/router box?  And then I can setup my 2 routers (netgear N600) to repeat/extend the WIFI?


Rogers also had a setting to disable something else other than wireless... it was on the main screen after login... sorry I forget the name of it (commerical gateway??).


In speaking with the Rogers tech, he told me if I left the Rogers cable modem/router box as is, there was NO way I can extend their wifi signal I have to disable.


Kinda fuzzy to me.


Does it really matter if my 2 routers I have are the same brand/model (netgear N600?) or can I use one of these and say an Airport Express?

Re: Trying to configure wireless router(s)

I'm an Advisor



there are many postings in this Forum dealing with the SMCD3GN and its quirks and foibles.  Certainly one of the options open to you is to put it into "bridged" mode.  Then it will function only as a cable modem, and you can add your own router(s) to perform whatever functions you require.


If you desire, you can involve Rogers support.  But unless you luck out and get a really good support technician, you may not find it easy to get good answers from them to more involved questions.  In fact they can rightfully claim that once they have your internet connection working, their responsibilities have been fulfilled.  Your own network is your responsibility.


So, I recommend that you do some research first.


1. get a copy of the SMCD3GN documentation and determine for yourself what functionality the device is built with.


2. log into the web-based management interface on the device get some idea of how you can control/manage it.  There are a number of postings in this Forum dealing with that as well.


3. use Google to check out other websites that have mentioned this device.  You can also find some of them mentioned in this Forum by using the Tags at the right.


Basically, a router is a router is a router.  Most of the recent crop of routers have wireless capabilities included in them.  So, unless you have a particular brand/model you prefer, most any wireless router will perform the functions you need.


And you can use whatever you have on hand for your initial trials and testing.  Later on you may decide that you need to obtain specific hardware to do the job.  But that can wait.


So, do some research both in this Forum, and more widely, and you should be able to find lots of info to help you.


We can help with specific questions.


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