Trying to Activate Sim Card

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Re: Trying to Activate Sim Card

But, this is the paygo section  ...does that mean the paygo csr's have no need to  be able to activate " a new sim chip to existing line" ? 

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Re: Trying to Activate Sim Card

Hello @barndoor

I don't believe they do since they are only for PayGo team but I could be wrong. I called this morning the PayGo line and they told me they only deal with PayGo accounts and not postpaid and gave me the postpaid number instead.

If Rogers would actually come and answer or help the would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Trying to Activate Sim Card

Good day,


Thank you for sharing your concerns with regards to the SIM card activation on an existing line!

I know how important it is to have the right SIM activated in a timely manner, in order to stay connected while keeping the same phone number.


@nicolevivian4 - I hope you were able to obtain the help needed. Being a Prepaid customer, it is ideal for you to dial in to reach our Pay-As-You-Go department to get assistance. Our Live Chat service does unfortunately not support Prepaid accounts.


To clarify, our postpaid customer service representatives can help for any request regarding monthly accounts, while this transaction can be completed through the prepaid department if it has to do with a Pay-As-You-Go account.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Trying to Activate Sim Card

For Pay As You go concerns including Sim card Swaps, you call Pay As You Go customer service hotline, for post-paid concerns such as sim card swaps, you call the post-paid customer service line or deal with the social media team.


In both cases, the lowest common denominator would be to call the respective customer service hotline of which service you are inquiring about if it was unknown if you were asking about prepaid or post paid since the respective customer service agent would handle that request.