Travelling to Europe with iphone 5s

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Travelling to Europe with iphone 5s

Is my iphone compatible with the European GSM system?  Has anyone used their phone in Italy and if so - any advice?


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Re: Travelling to Europe with iphone 5s

actually that's an easy one to answer. Apple Posts their specs on their home pages what the phone supports and the bands and so forth, what i would do is find out what carrier is supporting your phone over there and go to their home page.


Also i recommend this 3rd party site if you really want to know the supported bands of apple iphones


they have stats on every phone in the market today, just look up the Iphone 5S and the page will tell you what it supports. Better still one sec. 


Here is a direct link to the Iphone 5 specs


this tells you every band the iphone support s and the frequencies