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Transfer PVR recordings from old PVR to new PVR?

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If I ever want to upgrade my (owned, not rented) PVR from Rogers, is there an easy way to transfer all my saved recordings, and more importantly, my scheduled recordings? Or will I have to set it all up manually?


My guess is that I would have to do it all manually, but I am hoping that Rogers would be smart enough to make it an incentive to upgrade the PVR by making it easy to transfer all my data over.


Could someone please clarify this for me? Thanks in advance!



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Re: Transfer PVR recordings from old PVR to new PVR?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I am sure EVERYONE would love if they had that feature..

But unfortunately.. there is no way of doing any of it 😞

There is no way to copy schedules.. and same goes for recordings 😞


WHen i switched to my NB3.. i kept my NB2 for a week, to finish watching stuff on it, and started all new stuff on the new PVR, then eventually could return the NB2.
Problem comes if there is stuff you want to more perminantly keep on there.

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