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Time of Day Settings

I've upgraded to Extreme+ and have the first of my new Rogers Extreme headaches.  My (old) Linksys WRTG52 allowed me to configure Time of Day restrictions and apply a MAC address filter.  My "new" Cisco DPC3825 appears to restrict every network connected device via its ToD filter. 


I work shifts and would really like to use the Internet from my laptop while the kids are supposed to be in bed sleeping.  The only way to do this is to disable the filter  which kinda defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.


Is the only solution to bridge my old Linksys back in to the configuration and get my original managemnt  functions and features back?   Its a bit sad that Cisco owns Linksys and can't port the security features over to a current gateway device that have been available for years, unless of course our good friends at Rogers have dumbed it down for their benefit.



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Re: Time of Day Settings

Put your new modem/router into "bridge" mode, they can do it over the phone for you if you're not sure how. That will turn it back into acting just like a modem without any special features. Pop in your Linksys back into the picture and you're good to go.

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Re: Time of Day Settings

There is a way around it. First check the parental control box.

Add each child and yourself in the TOD section and chose the times to allow them on the internet.

Then go to user setup and add each child and yourself as a user, enabling only yourself.

Then click on the time access arrow further down the page so that the child user matches the child time access rule.

It works for me.  My kids don't like it and I love it.

Only one drawback is that I have to login each day or after being off any device for one hour.