Time Stood Still

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Time Stood Still

Has anyon had this problem?  Last nigh was a first for me.


12 am - I was recording one show while watching the news.


12 am - The TV picture dissapeared but the box (HDPVR 8642) showed that it was still recording


12:05 -  The time still read 12 am and recording.


12:10  Still the same, so I unplugged the box and it rebooted. 


12:15 - Everything looked normal.  Picture back, clock read 12:15  and recording light was still on.  Checked the List and it showed the show I was recording was still recording.


1 am - I checked to see how much of the reorded show was missing and low and behold, that show was gone from the recorded list.



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Re: Time Stood Still

Is any member of the Community able to assist  with their issue?