TiVO HD with Rogers

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TiVO HD with Rogers

I simply can't take using my Rogers 8300HD anymore. I would literally pay anything to have the TiVO HD boxes available on the Rogers service. And, I would instantly switch to any provider that offered the ability to use the TiVO hardware and service. I miss my SD TiVo since switching to HDTV.




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Re: TiVO HD with Rogers

becaues tivo was analog / standard definition was good back then. but since everything is digital now, i would recommend a pvr, but if u dont like the pvr, you can invest in this device, its called a HAUPPAGE PVR it is just like a tivo but it requires a computer to save the video files to, you can watch them any time as mpeg4 files on your pc or on your blue ray player

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Re: TiVO HD with Rogers

Just was forced to move to the Nextbox after many years of the TiVo (series 2) on Rogers because we were losing analog channels in my neighbourhood.


Stunned by just how TERRIBLE the Search, "Season Pass" and PVR Navigation features are on the Cisco Nextbox.

Wish that CTRC would force Rogers to support the CableCard decoders (*like the FCC does in the US) so that Torontonians had some choice in the hardware/software we want to use.


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Re: TiVO HD with Rogers

I do agree on this.. this would be the best move for the consumer...

But as you said.. i dont see it happening till/if the crtc forces it Smiley Sad

The companies would loose to much on the renting/selling of their own products Smiley Tongue

Though.. i can understand from a SUPPORT standpoint... why some companies would not want to as well.
Pretty much with a cablecard.. rogers can only guarantee the cable to the outlet, and that your card is 'valid'.. they cant guarantee that every other piece of hardware 100% works and is compatable, etc. Smiley Sad

Would obviously loose the RoD and such features as well.


Time will tell i guess.

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Re: TiVO HD with Rogers

I suppose cable companies such as rogers could choose not to offer on-demand as a reaction to the event, where it to come to pass, that CRTC required Cable Card support.

The two-way cable card standard already supports PPV and OD content.

IMHO It would be much more likely that if the CRTC were to force this issue cable companies would increase subscriptioin costs, charge tons of service charges and more than make up the losses.  Mind you, at least they would either fix or drop the prices of the boxes themselves.

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Re: TiVO HD with Rogers

This is a really ancient thread. The TiVo is irrelevant to digital TV. If you have a current concern, please start a new thread, not hijack and old one.

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Re: TiVO HD with Rogers