Throttling/traffic shaping everything now?

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Throttling/traffic shaping everything now?

So what you're basically saying is "It's them."?


I think, if any server pool in the world would max out your connection, regardless of "how many other people are accessing it", it would be Microsoft.


If there were a "Dislike Post" option, I would definately select it on your post RogersAndrew, as that post demonstrates EXACTLY how Rogers conducts it's business; Deflect, deflect, deflect.


I remember this one time, back when this whole **bleep**storm started, I called in to Tech Support and was told "MSN Messenger is taking up all the bandwidth". You can tell Rogers only hires the best network engineers, right?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Throttling/traffic shaping everything now?

I don't think RogersAndrew or anyone at Rogers is allowed to provide real truthful answers. If they did, it would make Rogers look bad! I would also vote for a dislike button!

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Throttling/traffic shaping everything now?

"...Keep in mind that if you're downloading a file from Microsoft for example, you're not the only one doing so...."


RogersAndrew, are you for real?  Have you never heard of a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?  Sites like Microsoft, Sun, and Adobe use sites like Akamai (a high-horsepower CDN) to share their server base.  Akamai can handle over 1 million flows per HOUR.   Do you know what a flow is?  What a bad example for you to use (Microsoft) as they can share downloads to millions of people simultaneously with no degredation of performance.


Next excuse?  Oh wait, there isn't one.


I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: Throttling/traffic shaping everything now?

The real answer is that if you are torrenting or someone using your connection is then the entire connection no matter what type of traffic gets throttled until the torrents stop and then for maybe 30 min after..
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Throttling/traffic shaping everything now?


"Its not rogers.... Its the other guys....."

Sir, you are an **bleep**.


Dude, I have a 25Mbps package. Around 3MB/s. I have never hit anything over 1.5 MB/s on anything, not even right from Microsoft. I usually download around 700-800 KB/s. How sad is that for almost $100 a month.


Rogers as of right now is also throttling any encrypted transfers (because of the new encryption feature on p2p programs). So no matter what, any downstream traffic is cut.

I will outright admit I use P2P software. I use this to download Programs or Applications I already have purchased CD keys for and have lost of broken/scratched disks. Which is what these program are supposed to be used for. Not to mention I am a college Programmer Student, I get access to new programs all the time to try out (full featured programs). Usually I download new software from Microsoft every week, or at least try to, but with all this **bleep** for DL speeds I’m getting sick of it. Rogers is the only ISP with large enough per month bandwidth for me(125 Gig). Now they keep telling me I should stop downloading as much as I do, because I am constantly downloading something. I tell them to remove the throttling so I can download at my proper speeds and I wouldn’t need to have a constant downloads running each month…

I've Been Around
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Re: Throttling/traffic shaping everything now?

I see the same thing. If they dont stop it soon i am dropping them so fast.