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Throttling Playstation Store Movies???

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I've seen posts where Comcast in the States has done this.  If so, then for an internet service provider who also happens to have a cable service with VOD with competing services, this looks like something that needs to be reported to the CRTC.  This goes far beyond throttling P2P, it seems they are using one service as a hammer to force you to use their other services which are priced way too high (or I'd use them instead as it wouldn't affect my download caps).


I'm on rogers extreme with UA.  Over the weekend I rented 3 movies.  The first was early Friday evening, watched it after waiting for 5% complete with no issues.  Second was later Friday, same watching procedure as above, but now it caught up to the download several times and we had to go watch something else for a while, and then did that again when we repeated the problem.


The final movie was rented early Saturday night - it took 4 1/2 hours to download this 5GB movie!!!! At the rate it came down from the start with a 5 hour estimate to complete we knew we wouldn't be watching it that night.  That translates to around 1 GB per hour (2mbps).  This morning I tried a demo from the PSN, 655 MB (further eating my cap to prove a point) and it took 7 minutes.  That translates to around 6GB per hour (13mbps?).


The strange thing is that I recently complained to Rogers that their VOD wasn't competitively priced versus the PSN.  Maybe they just want to put the competition out of business through the back door of their internet service.


Re: Throttling Playstation Store Movies???

I'm a Senior Advisor
Where are you located? There have been lots of complaints about Extreme being extremely slow this past week.

Also what do you mean but 'with UA' ?

Re: Throttling Playstation Store Movies???

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He's most likely referring to "Usage Allowance".


You know, the brand new "service" Rogers is providing to those who go over their bandwidth limit. After all, Rogers DID lower the caps further, but not the price. So now we pay even MORE for the same. That "Usage Allowance".

Re: Throttling Playstation Store Movies???

I'm Here A Lot

It seems like my speeds for extreme have been worse after sept 2010. Also I don't use any P2P applications so why should my speeds have to suffer?

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