This Internet is too Fast!

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This Internet is too Fast!

Hey, being new to the community I'll keep this short, hoping it is not an exhausted topic....


  • LTE is too fast for me, 12GB is pricey, overage cost is surreal, and seriously deterring.
  • Newer devices have capabilities foreshadowing the ·speed rush· brought upon by customers expecting too much from $50 flip phones.

Now, adding these together, the costs justify the reliable throughput....


Splitting phones and customers apart, I can make valid arguments for different grades of internet service, tailored to what users need. 


Ok, look at my LG flip-phone, with HTML 4.01, the address book is slow, faster network won't fix this ULTIMATUM. Internet? YA ROGERS GO FASTER Smiley Mad


In between, hardware still remained a significant limitation, although faster speeds were a wise infrastructural focus, it helped a bit. No use, Plugging the Large-Hadron Collider on a Gameboy from the 90'S.


Today, while I respect the ever increasing volumes of customers making use of high quality media content on-the-go, and top notch corporate web spaces... PING and BANDWIDTH are not the same.




To be straight forward, I'll bet tons of people never reformat their phone or tablet, and tech enthusiasts like myself don't need all this speed!


I dunno how LTE works, but, I'd give up some ACK packets, you know, maybe half to one forth, of the attention my phone's data will suffice for my daily tasks. On the go, I prefer reading, I don't have HDTV, I don't play online games... (still lags)


I'm getting too much, yet too little. Asides from music streaming, I download a lot of software, source code, documentation and system updates, or communications. (I use it for tethering to my PCs also.)


Wow. So it's fast enough to never embarass me, cool. But with 1.5 my bandwidth, and half the attention from your DATA infrastructure... I'd see more customers (sorry if thats too much overhead still), and higher delivery of digital goods... 


What would that cost folks like me (clean operating system, )? Or older folks, who want internet, but don't see Ferrari downloading any more useful than 256 kbs that they were ok with? 


Thanks, hope this is not inappropriate, but really I have no idea what's going on, but I'd like more internet, and I want it to be slower, same money...?


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Re: This Internet is too Fast!

Welcome to the Community @tektronicatorSmiley Happy


If i understood your post correctly, you would like to know if its possible to have a Data Plan but be limited to slower speeds?


With our current in-market data Plans you get access to our entire data network(2G,3G,LTE) etc.


We don't have plans which would only allow you to pick up the 2G Data Network for a lower cost.


Depending on the model of your phone, you may have the ability to change the settings so the device will only pick up the desired network.


Feel free to chime in with some more information CommunitySmiley Happy