Thinking of leaving Rogers Cable

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Thinking of leaving Rogers Cable

Have a dilema with Rogers Cable - been a client since 1998.


Why I should stay:

- bundled packages

- interface on PVRs is good compared to other non-teleco interfaces

- generally "reliable" - your show is on when you want to watch via pvr or at scheduled time

- supporting the Canadian economy (OK, stretch, i know...)


Why I should go:

- Rogers has been terrible on billing - specifically with regards to Rogers cable.  The left hand doesn't know what the right is doing...I have had billing errors where I had -$800 one month (yes minus), and then +$600 the next month...spending an average of an hour a month for the last 5-6 months hoping that things get resolved and they don't....

- promotions that were offered "for life", are now being renegged on - I switched over from Bell several years ago and was told that i could get a PVR for life...not anymore

- the whole Bell vs Rogers NHL Center Ice fiasco for the last 3 years (ie. getting online access included in your price)

- cost - signing up for internet elsewhere for the same price and a higher cap limit

- cost - paying $60+/month of savings

- the new PVRs are brutal - no recording from my phone like before, no sleep timer...and no clue when these will be added


Really not sure - these last 2 years have been unbearable.  Rogers, will it get any better???


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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Thinking of leaving Rogers Cable

As long as your not going into major details on bells stuff, linking to their site/servies, etc.. you should be OK Smiley Happy

My billing has generaly been fine.. the big problem i get, since its combined billing.. is that some stuff is PRE paid, Some stuff is post paid.. will your billing date may be on one day, the billing cycles for the services may be different.. so this is likely where some of the cary over charges from one month to the next are poping up from.


Some other providers, are offering better internet packages currently.. but rogers is working towards that.. their upload caps are an infracstructure upgrade, which is being worked on, but taking time to roll out, but a few  people have actualy got this activated.  Caps, etc will likely change to go-inside with this and to compete with others.. but again, its the TIME factor in it, its not going to be instantanious.

In the end though, it is your call as to where you go and what you use.  Just remember to do your research.  DO NOT go off the front page pricing on any site, rogers included.  Check to see, what the REGULAR monthly price is, no promotional, etc.  Usualy when you do this, putting comparable plans side by side, they are usualy within about -$10 of each other.  The promo's are great, but like even rogers, they only do last so long.


Give billing a call.. and see if you can talk to customer relations.  I did recently.  Asked, if there were any promotions i could take advantage of.. being a long standing customer, having all my services, etc with them.  They were able to offer me, 60% off my cable, internet and TV for 2 years... mind you i had to sign a 2 year contract, but at those savings, i am willing to stay.  Last resort, talk to retentions.. they may be able to offer something too.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Thinking of leaving Rogers Cable

Not going to Bell...not an option. 


Well reasoned and thought out logic though GDkitty, thanks!


The problem is, for every month i wait, it's another month of frustration, and the last two years have been brutal with caps, promises broken, and bad customer service that's cost me MORE than I should pay, given the above list.


Just thinking of going "off the grid"...if enough people do, maybe that will get Rogers attention.


...and this is a LONG TIME rogers client who has brought in many friends and family members in the past.