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The "Will my phone get an ICS update" thread.

I'm a Reliable Contributor

I figured I'd put together a list of current Rogers phones and their supposed timeslines for ICS updates.  To avoid all the "ZOMG" why doesn't my phone have ICS yet threads.

"Factory (ETA)" is generaly the eta of the international unlocked version to get ICS.  Rogers would have to release their version of the ICS firmware after that...  Custom ROM availability is listed for reference, in case people are tired of waiting or for phones that won't be getting official ICS firmware.  Most Rogers phones come with locked bootloaders making custom roms difficult / impossible, and certainly not for the faint of heart (unlocking the bootloader will kill your warantee.) Sorry for the format...I had it all custom coloured and everything in Excel.  Let me know if there are other phones you want listed or if you have information I don't.



Phone                                         Factory (ETA)     Rogers (ETA)    Custom ICS ROM                                             

Acer Liquid E                             Never.                 Never.                  Work in Progress            

Acer Liquid Metal                      Never.                 Never.                  Work in Progress            

HTC Jetstream (Tab)               Never.                 Never.                  Bootloader Locked            

HTC One X                                Released          Released             Bootloader Locked            

HTC Raider                               Released          unknown              Bootloader Locked            

LG Optimus 3D                        unknown            unknown             Can't find one…            

Motorola RAZR                         Q2-Q3                unknown              Bootloader Locked            

Samsung Galaxy Nexus         4.0.4                   4.0.1-2                 Available

Samsung Galaxy Note            Q2                       unknown              Available           

Samsung Galaxy Q                  unknown            unknown             Probably not?            

Samsung Galaxy Rugby         unknown            unknown              I have no idea…            

Samsung Galaxy S Glide       unknown            unknown              Probably not?            

Samsung Galaxy SII LTE        Released           unknown             Available            

Samsung Galaxy Tab              unknown             unknown             Available            

Sony Xperia Arc                         Released           unknown            Locked (a)           

Sony Xperia Arc S                     Released           unknown            Locked (a)           

Sony Xperia Play                       Never.                  Never.                 Work in Progress            

Sony Xperia S                            Q2                       unknown            Available          

Sony Xperia X10                       Never.                  Never.                 Locked (a)


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Re: The "Will my phone get an ICS update" thread.

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Plenty of custom ROMs to be honest for the captivate (similarity to Nexus S ftw)  Heck there are even Jelly Bean ROMs out for it already.


I can't edit the posts more than once...I really don't get that restriction.

Re: The "Will my phone get an ICS update" thread.

I Plan to Stick Around

I just read this from another thread

Apparently Its a Rogers Razr ICS 4.0.4 leak

Re: The "Will my phone get an ICS update" thread.

should I wait for Rogers or go for xda? If Rogers stop loading craps on the software, we shouldn't have to wait at all! sigh!

Re: The "Will my phone get an ICS update" thread.

I'm a Reliable Contributor

To be fair to Rogers...I doubt it's adding the bloatware that takes time. (it takes about 2 seconds to push apps to the system directory, maybe a couple hours to compile a new ROM)


More likely they are testing the software on some ISO approved schedule that requires them to have the firmware for X amount of days, including back end work to ensure compatibility.  (That said...the GNex doesn't have these problems regardless of ROM)


Generally speaking, if you aren't rooted and don't really want to bother with custom ROMs just wait.  GB was and still is a good bit of operating system.

Re: The "Will my phone get an ICS update" thread.

I've Been Here Awhile

Any ideas on an update for the Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G?