The Walking Dead. Catching up on episodes

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The Walking Dead. Catching up on episodes

AMC's The Walking Dead is having its mid-season premiere in February. I want to catch up on episodes, but Rogers is not listed as a provider on AMCs website, and Rogers On Demand never has any actual recent episodes and has proven absolutely useless any time I've tried to look for a show. 


Am I doing something wrong? I want to watch the first half of Season 9 and can't find it anywhere. I went to the AMC channel and ended up having an episode spoiled because even though it said "The Godfather" it was playing The Walking Dead instead.


I'm beyond frustrated. 😞


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Re: The Walking Dead. Catching up on episodes

Hello, @Hinetzu.


Thank you for joining the Community and for posting your concern.


Sorry that you have missed the first half of Season 9. You can still catch up last four episodes. Currently, I see The Walking Dead's episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Season 9 listed on Rogers On Demand. 


The shows are provided to us by the broadcasters for a limited time. On the licence end date, the shows must be removed. The length of the show availability varies between 1 - 4 weeks. We don't have control over how long the shows/episodes remain available. 


Only US-based TV providers will be listed on AMC's website. For more info on this matter, you check @BS's post from a different thread.


Thank you for your patience. 




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Re: The Walking Dead. Catching up on episodes

@Hinetzu  If the series was on Rogers and you could have recorded it and watched it anytime, then I don't see why you would not be entitled to see it, no matter what the licensing agreement is.  When I miss something I'll check ROD, even though it's a bit buggy and usually can't be fast forwarded. 

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