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The State of BYOD/paying in full

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Having finished off my 3 year contract with the then FLEXtab payment scheme, where you had $x.xx of your plan goto the payment of the device (I think mine was $7.99 or was it 13.99, can't recall/doesn't really matter at this point). When I signed the contract, I was told that when my plan expired, I would be eliable for a discount as I am not having to "pay off the phone"... However that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, phoned Rogers (855.894.5505) [perhaps I called the wrong department] and was told, I cannot get the BYOD/outright discount, because my plan is no longer in-market. And I totally understand that.


Just wondering what is the current state of BYOD/outright discounts with Rogers? Are you going to contiune offering consumers the option/incentive to buy outright or BYOD? Not everyone whats to upgrade to the newest and "greatest" smartphone every two years or want to sign a contract, so why should we have to pay more for a 'feature' that we don't want/use? Let those who do want to upgrade and have a contract pay the additional expense.


A BYOD/outright discount on my legacy plan would be nice, but I am not going to complain if I can't get such. My plan is still affordable for me and even with buying my future phones outright/unlocked, I can still make it work in the long term.


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Re: The State of BYOD/paying in full

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 If you bring your own device to use, you are eligible for a Share Everything plan with the No Tab pricing, which is a significant amount of savings in comparison to the Premium or Smart Tab pricing.


In the future if you decide to do a hardware upgrade through Rogers, you will need to change this plan as it will no longer be a No Tab plan.


If you wish to remain on your current plan, you can keep this plan however it would not qualify for a No Tab discount.




Re: The State of BYOD/paying in full

Yeah.. unfortunately the NO TAB version of YOUR plan is no longer available..

BUT.. you could move to any of the IN MARKET (current) no tab plans.

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