The Night Manager CONCLUSION

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The Night Manager CONCLUSION

Anyone else miss the final episode of The Night Manager when AMC re-ran it the other day? I recorded it and started watching an episode at a time. When there were two episodes left and the second to last said episode 6 and Conclusion I assumed the other episode was part of a second run. I know. I wasn't thinking clearly and forgot this is Rogers. So I deleted what was described as episode 4 and I now believe was the real episode 6 conclusion.


So I missed the ending. Now when I read about it, I'm wondering if I'm better off. To appease American audiences they tied everything up in a pretty pink bow. Le Carre sold out.


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Re: The Night Manager CONCLUSION


Hello, @Cap07


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. Anybody else missed the final episode? I will tag @OLDYELLR and @57, they may have some information about the conclusion. 




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Re: The Night Manager CONCLUSION

Saw it the first time around and didn't even know it was repeated.

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