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The $1,000,000 question.

I Plan to Stick Around

So, I noticed this morning that my Samsung Galaxy Note was telling me that there was a new update for me. I smiled to myself and thought "Finally, Rogers has come through!" I decided to hit up the boards and take a peek as to what the little issues were that people normally have when a new OS build is released, and to my delight, it appeared that there are only minor things like missing apps which can be downloaded and icons being moved around. Nothing of great importance to me, because I reinstall all my apps when I do a new install ayway. Here is the problem I just ran into. I decided to do a factory system reset and format all the drives on my phone as a precaution, because I ran into issues with my Captivate and some bad apps that were installed when I did the upgrade, and the phone ran like a "bad o' after the "upgrade" to the "great" OS known as Froyo.

After I deleted all the data and info on my shiny new Galaxy Note, I fired it up. All went smoothly, phone is clean, wit no apps installed, and is ready to go!

But.............. LOW AND BEHOLD!!! All of a sudden, there is no OTA update available for my phone now!!!!!!  Have there been any indications or any word in ``Rogers-Land`` as to why all of a sudden, later in the day, of the same day that the Galaxy Note pushed a message, telling me there was a new OS version available, as to why it is telling me now that there is no update..... I don`t get it!!!


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Re: The $1,000,000 question.

I Plan to Stick Around

Hmmm... odd...


I'd say it's probably one of two things:


1) Your phone already downloaded the update, and installed it when you reset it (jut check your phone specs)

2) Update had issues that Rogers just noticed (maybe like France - ICS update bricked a number of phones - bad update).


Have you tried connecting to Kies to see if the update is availble there?

Re: The $1,000,000 question.

I Plan to Stick Around

I tried both, and no it wasnt i stalled. as for the phone being bricked...... how would i be able to see that there is a "no update available" message from the server >.<

Either way, it pushed thru this morning at 0400 cst. So far, I love it! 

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