Text message "Please stand by as we initiate your Blackberry service..."

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Text message "Please stand by as we initiate your Blackberry service..."

I discovered one more issue in my saga of migrating from a failing Blackberry 9300 to a used Bold 9780 that I bought.

As a retired guy on a fixed income, I can't afford a data plan, so I rely almost etirely on Wi-Fi access.  This isn't much of a problem because I have home Wi-Fi and free public hot spots are available at every Tim Hortons and McDonalds.


However, there is one situation that I suppose is something of a safety issue.  I'm a bicyclist, and a couple of times a year I find myself out riding when serious storms threaten.  I want the ability to check the Environment Canada weather site for warnings and the local weather radar image.  This is a great help in knowing whether I should take cover.


With my old 9300 I could gain temporary cellular data access by activating the browser, whereupon there is a message that I need to purchase a Rogers Data Pass.  For a $1 fee added to my Rogers bill I would get 10 MB of data access, just enough to look at the forecast, any warnings and the weather radar image.  It seems like a reasonably cost-effective solution to me.


On my new (to me) 9780, I still have the ability to purchse the Data Pass, but instead of then proceeding to the desired site, this time I recieve a text message from 3330 that says "Please stand by while we initiate your Blackberry service.  This could take up to 3 hours".  I am unable to access any other sites, even if I check back, say, an hour (or 3 hours) later.


What's going on here?  Why could I have optional as-needed cellular data access with a Data Pass on the 9300 and not on the 9780?



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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 13

Re: Text message "Please stand by as we initiate your Blackberry service..."

Well, the third time was a charm.


After trying twice to purchase a Data Pass, and twice receiving a text message to stand by while the Blackberry service was initiated, the third time I received two messages.  The first was from Blackberry saying "Your handheld has been registered with the wireless network" and the second was from 3330 saying to stand by while the data network was initiated, this time with a delay of up to 5 minutes.  So I waited a minute, closed and reopened the browser, and voila, this time I had cellular data access.  The host routing table also shows quite a few entries (before it was empty), and a number of new Rogers-related icons appeared on the Home screen.


I guess I can consider the problem solved.


Will wonders never cease!