Text Messages Won't Delete

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Text Messages Won't Delete

Ever since I have had this LG G3, it seems for no reason at all, at times, it will sit there and spin saying "sending" when I send a text. Happens sometimes when sending email as well using LG's built-in email. Tried rebooting, turning on or off wifi, have a good LTE connection at the time, but no dice. Just sits and spins saying sending. And usually eventually fails sending. Other times it sends immediately. I never know if I hit send if the SMS is going to be sent or not. It's quite frustrating. My wife and I are both on Rogers and when this happens with my phone, I grab her Note 4, try sending out a text and boom, instantly sent.

I have checked APN's and they are identical to my wife's Note 4.

Does anyone have any idea what else I could try to make the SMS and email sending more reliable?


Also, another strange thing. The stock messaging app doesn't show any messages. I have deleted them all. I installed Textra to see if sending messages was any better and there are about 10 voice mail message texts sitting in there. These are the notification I get when I get a voice mail. I had called Rogers before and asked if I could turn these redundant text messages off and they said I didn't have that option set on my account?? Not sure where they are coming from then. I do get the voice mail icon notification as well when I get a voice mail.

I deleted all of the messages, closed Textra and reopened, only to find all the texts had returned!? I deleted them again, same thing. Tried cleaning cache and data for both the stock messaging app as well as Textra, same problem. Perhaps these messages are interfering some how with sending/receiving texts? I changed my phone number on this phone recently as I was getting a bunch of non-wanted calls and thus all these voice mails. Could these be left over from the previous number? Not sure why I can't delete them permanently. Man, what a pain.  Help!!!



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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

Good day @Igster,


Thank you for you post and Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I have not heard of users having this specific issue with this particular device.

However, I am aware that some LG G3 users can sometime experience issues with sending text messages since the Lollipop update.


  • Have you spoken to our Technical Support team in regards to this ?
  • If yes, what did they advise you of?
  • Is your device still under warranty?

I understand that you have rebooted your device, but since some changes took place (for example your telephone number) this might not be sufficient;


  • Have you performed a factory reset?

I also wanted to clarify some information in regards to the issue with the voicemail notifications text messages you are receiving. We do offer a service called Voicemail-2-Text which essentially converts the voice message into a text message. This would be the service you are not subscribed to, if you do not have the feature on your line or a value pack that would include it. If you have the basic voicemail, you do receive the notification text messages. 


Since Textra is a third party app, we have limited knowledge in troubleshooting this application and we would not want to provide you with a misinformation.


Hope this helps! Smiley Wink 


Anyone in the Community experienced this issue?





I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

Textra is a bare-bones SMS app.  I've tried Google's Messenger as well and the same thing happens.  What is bizarre is the stock LG messing app doesn't show these messages.


I've had the phone for a couple of months, so I would assume it's still under warranty, but I doubt this is a warranty issue.  This is software in my opinion.


As for users having issue sending texts with the Lollipop update, well, that's awesome.  Lollipop was on the phone when I bought it and signed a new contract.  Would have been nice to know this at the time as I would have gotten a different phone then.


Again, a factory reset seems a little crazy at this point and not something I really want to do.  Takes days to get the phone back the way I want it.


And as for the text message for every voice mail.  Sure would be nice to be able to turn that off.  Why in the world do I need a silly text message for every voice mail when I have a voice mail notification as well?  I get double notification for every voice mail.  It's annoying and we should be able to turn it off as a customer.  Rogers sends the text out.  How about we be able to say "no" to this service and not have double notification each time we get a voice mail?


I'm actually pretty dissapointed with this phone overall and spoke with Rogers to see if there was something that could be done, but of course since I had the phone for about a month at that time.  It's unfortunate that companies like Rogers don't help their customers out when they are not happy with a device and it is not performing as it should with simple things like sending text messages over their network.

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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

Hello again @Igster,


I understand the inconveniences of this situation and I am sorry you are feeling this way.

I personally have that phone and I love it and I hope that you can get it back up and running as soon as possible.


If you recently got the device, it would still be covered by the one year manufacturer warranty.


You could take it in to a Rogers store for repair or for further troubleshooting.

If you are looking to have it exchanged, you would have to connect the phone to the Device Tune-Up (DTU) tool at one of our retail location and you would have to make sure to process a factory reset in the last 30 days prior to the "swap".


Let us know if you need further assistance!



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Rogers Employee
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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

I will go with what @RogersMaude states...

Just to add something...
Randomly saying "Sending"?
Uhh... you didn't sideload any APKs did you?
Hard Reset would probably solved this, because I am more concerned about what exactly is it "Sending"? Personal info to some third party developers?
You may have a malicious app in the back sitting there sending all your keystrokes (password included) or sending your contact list...
we just don't know. But back up your personal files (not the apps) and hard reset. Fully delete everything...
When you send the phone for repair (Within the 1 year warranty)... they reset your device regardless...
Software issue is always looked at first before hardware. So I highly recommend factory reset...

Lollipop is not the issue.
Standardized SMS is not an OS thing, its a protocol that can not be effected by the OS. OS calls upon the function and SMS executes. An Update to UI or functionality of features will not prevent SMS to fail.
So don't worry Lollipop shouldn't your concern at all.

Voicemail to Text should be your replacement.
Voicemail notification is for Cell Phones, not smartphones. As it use to trigger the notification icon for cellphones.
You can turn that off by going into your voicemail (call it) go into the menu and disable notification. Again. Not a phone issue. It actually is a double feature. Suppose to be one or the other. Not both. Your android should have turned it off...
Did you get a built in voice mail with your plan or value pack that comes with voicemail to text? (I assume the latter, since voicemail to text is the second notification you would get.)
You can have customer service remove and re-add your value pack, which should permanently turn off your voicemail notification, and/but if for some reason Notification come back haunting you, do what I stated earlier. Call Voicemail, turn it off...

I had this back when Voicemail to Text first came out... I turned notification off way before that...

It's more about learning these things, definitely sorry that you had to go through this ... specially the whole crazy sending thing...
but hey! learning curve 😄 the Phone itself is a very sweet phone and @RogersMaude has it too 😉 she knows her stuff and has good taste... so good choice!!

Recap / TL; DR:
Not OS Issue.
Not SMS Issue.
Not Voicemail Issue.
Turn off Notification using Voicemail menu (call your voicemail).
Back up your personal files...
Factory Reset...
This IS a software glitch / malicious app...

oh and nothing is wrong with your APN.
APN controls Data and potentially MMS (SMS+Data = MMS)
So.. APN is fine.

Hope this helps! 🙂



Edit: Any messaging app you use is either SMS or Data, right?

My recommendation would be to use HangOuts, and turn off your stock sms.

Better experience due to google integration. Hangouts handle both SMS and Data

(Essentially the iMessge version of Android. Except Google came out with it first)

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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

how do I delete the messages


So I Uninstalled the vvm+ and I think the 9116 messages have stopped. Now I want to remove the message from my inbox. Could anyone help? When I try it freezes my messages and when I restart the 9116 texts are still there

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Retired Moderator
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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

Good Afternoon @licia,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


 You can try using Device Aid in your MyRogers app to see if there is any further steps you can take.


If you are unable to find any alternate solutions to deleting the texts using Device Aid, I would suggest backing up the information on your phone and performing a factory reset. 


Hope this helps! 



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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

Hello @licia

Honestly u would suggest and recommend that you back your device on ur computer and doing a factory reset on the device. This way it will remove eveything and you shouldn't be getting those messages again.
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

Will this delete all my messages? I just want to delete the 9116 text messages.
I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Text Messages Won't Delete

Hello @licia

Unfortunately yes it will. There are apps that u can download and save the text mesaages u want and then do the factory reset, re-download the app and restore those mesaages