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Terrible stream for NBATV on

I Plan to Stick Around

The stream for NBATV on is terrible in quality, the audio keeps cutting off. Sometimes it's the wrong channel.


It's been like this for awhile, will this be resolved anytime soon? Losing patience here, please advise!



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Re: Terrible stream for NBATV on

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Good Afternoon @PrimeTime27Xn,


We have tested this on our end using Google Chrome and we were not able to replicate the audio issues or did not have any issues seeing the wrong channel. 


Have you selected the "best quality" option to see if that increases the quality?


Let us know if that works!



Re: Terrible stream for NBATV on

I did use Chrome and selected best quality, I can send you a video if you would like to see.

Re: Terrible stream for NBATV on



Is this a reoccurring issue or does this happened sporadically? Do you have any other browsers open while you are viewing the games that could be interfering?


Are you connecting to the internet through WiFi or through a wired connection? I would suggest hooking up the device you are using to view the games to a wired connection to see if that makes a difference.


I have tested it again today using Google Chrome and did not have any issues with audio or video.