Terrible customer service

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Terrible customer service

I rarely make complaints about Rogers, but the service representative has really crossed the line today.

I was calling on behalf of a family member's phone under my corporate plan coverage. Basically, I was told last month that switching to corporate plan will make me eligible to receive a free phone upgrade for being with Rogers for so many years. However, when I received the bill I was charged with $299 plus tax. I called Rogers to find out what happened and the rep insisted that there were "notes" saying I was informed of the $299 charge when I in fact did not. I didn't want to argue so I just asked for the phone to be returned, since it is still within the customer remorse period. However, the rep would not stop questioning me with things like "I don't know why you thought it was free. The note said it was 299". When I said I was merely told that by an agent he continued with "it is the responsibility of an educated customer to know there is no free phone upgrades". Not to mention that I never received any shipping or order confirmation of the phone order via email. I'm not even asking for a rebate or anything but just for a product return within an allowable period. I was not pleased with this behaviour when I trusted your words but you came back, not solving the issue but scolding me for your rep's communication issues.


I am very tempted to switch my family's plan to another carrier even if I have to pay more and even if I have to pay a penalty. This kind of service treatment is just unbearable and I am very disappointed with the service.


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Re: Terrible customer service


Hello, @kayfang


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! And thank you for your post. Smiley Happy

I’d like to help. Addressing the issue you’ve described involves accessing your account. I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps. Please check our message via the envelope icon that appears on the top right-hand side of your screen when you are logged in to the forums.


Thank you for understanding.