Terrible customer service I just experienced

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Terrible customer service I just experienced

Recently I spoke to a representative (a lady) via phone. But I felt bad on that day after talking to her. She was not professional, not helpful and had a hard time understanding my questions.


I am using a loyalty plan right now (being a loyal Rogers cusomer), and I want to switch to the new ShareEverything Plus loyalty plan (with similar amount of data) because it is cheaper after the loyalty discount. She responded that there was no other loyalty plans available for me and that I needed to pay regular price if I switched to the new plan. Then I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor because my current loyalty plan was offered by one of the supervisors. However, the representative was unwilling to transfer me and I had no chance talking to the right person. I think it is really not that difficult because I just want to switch to the new plan with the same discount amount, and I am not asking for more.


Feeling disappointed, I told her my second request: "If you really cannot switch my plan to the new one, can you change my calling option from unlimited Canada-wide calling to unlimited Local calling?" She responded that it was not possible to change the option because it was a loyalty plan and I had already been enjoying the discount. It really upset me. It is completely not related to discount. The point is that I do not need the canada-wide feature and it is waste for me. Again, I am not asking for more. These are the 2 options you offer currently to all of your customers.


The representative was not offering any solution, and I was totally wasting my time without solving a single problem.




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Re: Terrible customer service I just experienced

Hi  @EdisonLu


Sorry to hear about your recent experience with trying to change your wireless plan, that can be frustrating to deal with.


Let’s see if we can turn this experience around for you by looking into some plan options.


To assist you with a new plan we would need to access your account.


I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps. Please check our message via the envelope icon that appears on the top right-hand side of your screen when you are logged in to the forums.