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Terrible Experience At The Rogers Store With A New Blackberry Q10

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Hello There 


I have been a Rogers customer from the days of Cantel and have been a loyal customer for many years but recently had a terrible experience at one of the corporate stores in the GTA


A few weeks ago I purchased a New Blackberry Q10 and as I was using an older Blackberry I needed to have the sim chip replaced so I visited the store to get a new chip I was told I needed to purchase a nano sim card and the gentlemen in the store would be happy to do this for a $10 charge.


All seemed to be going and he tried to install the new sim but for some reason it did not fit he removed the partially installed card and said there was a burr on the card where it was snapped out from the large credit card type card, he tried again and finally got it in although difficult managed to get it working, however forgot to change over the numbers for he proceeded to remove the card but it seemed to be stuck, after a few attempts to remove this (with eventually a pair of wire stripers) pulled the card free and reinstalled it after doing the number change.


I left the store only to return with a phone that would only make emergency calls, returning to the salesmen at the store he tried  to set up another card but the same thing, he apologized and set up a repair as my phone was over the mandatory 15 day return (the phone was sat in the box before 2 weeks before using it as I was away on business)


So everything was explained to the store manager who again apologized and it was sent off to Flextronics to have the work done (I have the paperwork) 16 days later I get a call that my phone is ready for pick up and no charge I get the worksheet that the phone is fully operational and I am good to go.  I get home and to my horror the phone is the same emergency calls only!


I call the store and explained the situation and I get an amazing answer (What do you want me to dowe have done all we can) I want it fixed or replaced my patience is running thin now and I was told to set up an advanced replacement to which I am told there will be a $35 fee I agreed and I received a refurbished unit in 24 hours. The staff at the call centre were amazing and it was handled very professionally.


I asked the young lady who helped me would I be charged the answer being NO physical damage is for water etc etc my question is if I am to be charged will it be for the full replacement or will I have the option to have my original phone returned, or  would I have to have this issue resolved by a manager somewhere in the corporate empire.


Any help would be appreciated


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Re: Terrible Experience At The Rogers Store With A New Blackberry Q10

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Hello MeezersCA

I am so sorry to hear all this. Sadly this has happened to me & many others. The reps have no clue what they are doing at times & damage the phone. First the Q10 uses a Micro sim card, not a nano sim card. Second he most likely damaged the gold little bars where the sim card goes in. So he would not take the blame for it.

If you are charged, you will have a option in which they send you the original phone back OR pay the full amount of the refurb Q10 & keep it. You must send yours back if you choice to keep the refurb device. This is how it was when i did this option 7 months ago.

I would suggest calling Rogers tech support & asking about this again. Make sure they leave a note on the account explaining what they told you & ask for the interaction of the note.
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