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Terrible Customer Service

I've Been Around

I have never been so disappointed with a company's service than I am with Rogers. The amount of time wasted on hold or being transferred to only have to explain the issue over and over and then the representative need to transfer you because they can't do anything. So I tried to cancel my account as I did't need the service, I have been a Rogers customer for over 20 years and was expecting to use them again in the future when I needed the services again. I tried to cancel online as I have had very poor success doing anything on the phone other than technical support. I have a technical support (IT) background, so I am not unable to work with CSRs over the phone. Anyway, I discovered that I was not allowed to cancel my account online because Rogers wants to be able to harass me about leaving them, not exactly how they put it, but same result. I emailed them, no response. I tried calling and had no luck and was not going to wait in the queue. So my wife took the box to the store and they said the box was ours and they called to cancel the account. Seemed reasonably easy, but unfortuately the bills kept coming. I got a call from Rogers and tried to explain the problem, he said he can't help unless I wish to make a payment. I told him I did not wish to and need to talk to someone about the problem, he said he can't help, would you like to make a payment? I said have someone call me that can help, he said sure and hung up.


I then went online and explained my displeasure of the situation, no response. Responded to the survey that was very important to Rogers as I was leaving them, but still no reply. Emailed again and again, still nothing. Got another bill and then today I get a notice that they sent the account to collections, no warning or effort to contact me. Today I called in and waited in the queue, finally got a person who was difficult to hear because of kids playing in the background and her accent, she put me on hold and then said your account is cancelled. I explained and she said hold for a second, 10 mins later I am still on hold. So for 20 mins on the phone I had a person on the other end for maybe 2 mins. The call was dropped, possibly my fault. I called back in and was on the phone for another 40 minutes to be told nothing can be done, call back after 11PM if you don't want to wait and maybe then you can have the call escalated faster and not wait an unknown amount of time for someone (manager) to bother to speak to you.


The complete lack of concern for customers is disgusting, Rogers should be ashamed of their service. No customer should be transferred around and told if they want to talk to a manager they will have to wait and then get updates every  5 mins! So I will have to wait that long for someone with a title to actually care and bother to talk to me? 


I will be doing my best to share my disgust for Rogers with anyone and everyone that will listen.




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Re: Terrible Customer Service


Good evening @HadEnough,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for providing the details, I realize this has been a challenging experience for you. Were you able to get a hold of a manager since you last posted here? I know the wait times can be testing especially due to a higher than normal call volume. Have you had a chance to reach out to us via witter @RogersHelps or on It's a great alternative to waiting on hold for a long time.


Additionally you may also use the Share a Concern option, we try our best to respond to concerns submitted online within 1 business day.





Re: Terrible Customer Service

I've Been Here Awhile
Agreed. I had same thing today. Representative even sounded like his mic was in his mouth and was barely understandable, but didn’t listen at all to my problem nor help me fix it.

Re: Terrible Customer Service

Hello, @Monctonjohn.


Thank you for joining this conversation, and welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 


While we endeavour to ensure we provide the best in class customer service, I imagine a few interactions can be subpar. Our sincere apologies for the poor experience. 


Please let us know the reason you reached out to the support, and we will do our best to address it. Feel free to send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog.




Re: Terrible Customer Service

I've Been Here Awhile
It’s incredibly challenging trying to reach anyone and when I did .. the call centre guy who said he was in Toronto had his mic so close to his mouth he deliberately made it hard to understand especially at the end where he gave his name. I kept trying to tell him the sound quality was horrible but he pretended not to understand and stating “I’m sorry you’re having this issue today” it was incredibly annoying. It’s a call centre trick to speed up the call and obfusticate the customer. It’s not a new method.
Besides that though .. our service had been out for three days.. and with no email address to email, and being on Chat hold for a full hour and a thousand links that carry the customer in circles on the website is hugely inconvenient. Community forums are a jumble of unrelated topics, and the my Rogers app when reporting an outage kept blaming my phone when it had nothing to do with the phone. It was an internet service/ignite issue. None of our internet reliant services in the house were working with the system down. But could I reach anyone? No. That’s why we are frustrated and on the verge of leaving. It randomly came back to working last night but I swear if it happens again i may just cancel and go over to bell. It’s just too hard to try to get anything done with Rogers.

Re: Terrible Customer Service

I've Been Here Awhile
Terrible customer service doesn’t quite cut it.
It feels like they are nice to you when you are signing up with them or upgrading your services, but once you are on the hook, then good luck if you need tech service or billing inquiries. They purposely leave you on hold to see if you would give up and go on with your life.

My services were old and prices were going up. Called and got a nice person (for change) on the phone, we upgraded my services to Ignite bundle and was promised a price of $159.18 for 12 months including HST.
On Nov 20th when my bill came out I saw the price was different than what I was promised, so i called back, another 1.5 hour on hold, the agent told me it’s impossible to get this price.
Luckily the first agent had sent me an email confirming our conversation and the price I was quoted, so the second agent put her foot in her mouth and tried to match the price and came up to $162.56. Ok that’s close enough I said, now another bill came up asking to may $237.34.
Been on hold for 2 hours and 16 minutes just to talk to one of the agents.
I have filed a complaint with CRTC already and hoping it would get me somewhere.
If you promise consumers something, please follow through
If you think you need to schedule more staff to handle your calls and clean up after your mishaps, please do so!
Enable the call back option on your calls so people can go on with their lives while waiting for the call back from your staff.
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