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Technician DID NOT show up for the second time now third time... giving excuses

I've Been Around

I booked an appointment for last Monday 04/11/2019, they did not show up and when the window passed, they gave me a call telling me that they were out of the Aero extender and ask me to call Rogers to reschedule the appointment, wasting my time calling them despite their end's fault. After a while, Rogers called me back and book me on an appointment on today, Monday 11/11/2019 from 10:00 - 12:00

Today, the technician did not show up again, I've been waiting for a phone call, a doorbell or a knock and nothing... When I had to call Rogers again, they said that the technician said nobody was home????? 

What's wrong with you Rogers???? I'm running out of patient now. 

I called them earlier, they booked me another one from 12:00 - 2:00 and guessed what?????? The technician did not show up again, they disabled their Enroute GPS, and apparently they said they arrived at 1:32PM where I was looking outside of the house and see nobody 




Re: Technician DID NOT show up for the second time now third time... giving excuses

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hey @hhng208!


Welcome the the community!


It's disheartening to find out you've had such a negative experience anticipating a technician's arrival! This definitely shouldn't be so difficult. I'm uncertain at the moment as to why there have been several instances where they have not arrived. Though this can be investigated we'd like to primarily ensure that you get the technician arrival. 


Have you had another technician scheduled? Let us know if you're still in need of assistance scheduling the tech.



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