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Technical Support

I've Been Around

Roger is spending big money on advertisement if that contribute more to the technical support can make better life of their customers. Our Home phone was died around 3 weeks back Technicial came next day and made good but since then on and off did not work finally Our home phone and internet gone out of service now I been calling they gave appointment saturday 12-2pm

but again I found that they changed the time which we were not available then next appointment they sechedule after 4 days. I  called up for the phone and they promised that home phone issue must be resolved with in 24 hrs some will come before 5pm or early morning by 8am . No one came and I called back then they tell same story.

It shows roger is interetested to get customers but not keeping enough stall to provide serivices


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Re: Technical Support

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

May not help get a tech out any faster.. but any time you do a tranaction like this, get a name, and a ticket number.
Any issues, always try to escalate up to a manager, and get the same info.

If you have ongoing issues, you can then escalate it up to the office of the president with this information.


Sounds like you have some BAD techs in that area (or there are not enough, or overly busy).. i have generaly had good dealings with techs, usualy can get in the next day (if a daytime apointment) or 2 for an eve... but they may be less busy here.

Definately sounds like a local issues (signal, etc).. or something else biger in the network area there (though you THINK they would hopefuly have that on record there if it was)..'



Re: Technical Support

I've Been Around



I refer my mom to my share plan new account, when I click the icon of "were you referred" button for my email address or phone number, I didn't receive feedback more than 48 hours that confirm my credit $25 referred program would you please check on it? Do I click the wrong button? Would you please teach me how I can get credit $25 referred program fee?



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Re: Technical Support

This is a user to user forum.. no one here could really help you, unless they have had a similar experience.

Beyond that, you would be best to CALL into rogers, and see if they see the referal processed.

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