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Tech No Show... No Call Back As Promised...

I've Been Around

Well i was having issues with my internet, my first call to customer services was on 03/05 and the representative tried his level best but could not fix the issue. He told me that he will be sending someone over to have a look at the modem and will fix the issue. He said (very politely) that he doesn't have any slots for 03/05 but has booked me for 03/04 between 1000-1200 HRS. I got an automated confirmation call regarding the same in the evening of 03/05. However, no-one came till 1217 HRS so i called Rogers again. The CS rep told me that my appointment was canceled (because of some sort of system error) and he tried talking to Dispatch but couldn't do anything to have dispatch send someone to fix the issue. I (again very politely) asked him if i could talk to the manager and i think i talked to Mr. Karim. He apologized for this and told me that he will call me back after talking with Dispatch. Well he kept his word and called me again to tell me that he has not forgotten about me and will call me back... well that did not happen. I did get another call from someone else at around 1351 HRS telling me that he will call me back in 5 minutes which (as expected) never happened. 

No one came or called after that and I am still having the same issue with the internet. I don't know who to contact if after talking with the customer services manager, my issue was still not resolved. 

I have had issues like this in the past (with other companies) but never had an issue with customer services before. I would rate Rogers as the worst company as far as the customer satisfaction is concerned. 

Unfortunately i am on a 12 month plan with them but if this issue will not be fixed by tomorrow, i am pretty sure i am calling the corporate office and will cancel my subscription. 



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Re: Tech No Show... No Call Back As Promised...


Good evening @alynazim,


Welcome to the Rogers Community!

Thank you for posting the details of your recent experience.


As a fellow customer, I can surely put myself in your shoes and understand the frustration caused by this situation.

Nowadays, a reliable Internet service is key and we apologize for the inconveniences this matter may have caused you so far. We appreciate you took the time to let us know how things were handled, before deciding to potentially cancel your Internet service.


We would like to forward your feedback to the appropriate party for review and do everything we can to help you get a technician visit as soon as possible. However, to do so we'll need to access your account.


Kindly, reach out to us via Private Message @CommunityHelps when you're back online and available. 

You can find instructions on our private messaging system, here.