TV signal really bad

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TV signal really bad

I leave in Meadowalle area in Mississauga ( Winston Churchill and Aquitaine ) . 

Aproximate 5 month back ( April ) I started having issues with my TV signal . Signal keeps dropping so bad i can't watch TV 


The tenician who was sent to check the problem told me that the signal strength coming from Rogers is really week ( i think 4 from 14 ) .

When i call so called service center they keep telling me to reset the box .


Is this a normal situation ?( Probably for CANADA it is . Pay for something and CRTC just sits and watch how the Canadian consumer gets screwed all the time )

Does enybody else leaving in the same area have same issues ?




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Re: TV signal really bad

Greeting Micul,


This is community forum designed for Rogers customers to assist each other with issues they may encounter. A situation such as this may require another technician to come out to your home and apply fixes to your service.


Please reach out to us either over Facebook: or through Twitter: