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TV remote code: Haier (65") Model # 65E3550 and "Other" newer TV's..

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Haier Manual Input Codes:  (0768, 1034)
0768 = No connection
1034 = (x2) required (x2) TV button "flashes"..  -->  "NO" TV control On/Off functions..


When using 99#'s a special procedure "must" be used..
Many instructions "omit" this (x1) required procedure..
This is the correct procedure and it works for me..


Here's how to program your Rogers remote for your TV:
Using the auto scanning method: (If your "Manual Input", TV code does "not" work)..

#1) Turn "ON" your Rogers - Set Top Box..
#2) Turn "ON" your TV set..


#3) Press the "TV Button" (x1) once and the "TV Button" will only flash (x1) once..
#4) Press and Hold the "SETUP Button" (top left corner) until the "TV Button" flashes twice (x2) and then release the button..


#5) A "Must" do procedure !!
#6) "Cover Up" the (x2) LED's (front tiny lights) and face the remote "Away" from the TV..
#7) Press [9 9 1] on the number pad and the "TV Button" must flash twice (x2)..
#8) "Stop" covering up the (x2) LED's (front tiny lights)..


#9) Aim and point the remote "Directly Towards" your TV.. (Haier 65" Model # 65E3550 = bottom right corner receiver)..


#10) Repeatedly press and release the Channel +  (CH +) until your TV turns "Off", then immediately  "Stop" this procedure.. (match code is found)..
#11) Once the TV turns "Off", you  "must" now "Lock" in the TV code..
#12) Press "SETUP Button" (top left corner) and the "TV Button" will only flash (x2) twice..


Special Notes: (#1)
I had to turn my TV  Haier (65") Model # 65E3550, On/Off (x2) times till the required sequences worked with remote "Cable Button"..


Special Notes: (#2)
You may be required to "repeat" the same above procedure more than once (x1)..
Each time I did it "Over", the Channel +  (CH +)  pressing inputs were a different (#)..


Only regarding the TV Haier (65") Model # 65E3550..
It has "Auto" volume control and the Rogers remote (TV Volume) will "Not" function with this feature..


Big Screen TV's: (Sound)
I do like the idea of the speakers bouncing sound "Off" the back wall..(poor sound quality and sound depth)..
I connected my Set Top Box to a separate "Amplifier" and required "Speakers"..
The problem is that this "hardware" can be quite expensive in Canada.. 



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Re: TV remote code: Haier (65") Model # 65E3550 and "Other" newer TV's..

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Thank you for sharing! 🙂

I'm sure the Community will appreciate this information when configuring their Rogers remote with their new TV's. 🙂



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